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Travel Tuesday - My LITTLE in New Zealand

I decided to take some time last weekend and take advantage of the free weekend with

I wanted to see what was available for my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers fathers side. He decided to travel from England to New Zealand but NOT to America where other siblings sailed off too and some stayed in England. Why did he choose to go to New Zealand and not to America?  No NO, I'll answer that question right away, he was not a convict, he went willingly to New Zealand. Just got figure out WHY did he go there?

Hudson LITTLE was the 4th son,  6th child out of 10 for Isaac and Jane (Mounsey) Little of Cumberland, England. 
b: 17 Mar 1843 Cumberland England & d: 23 Nov 1934 Rangiora Bunnythorpe New Zealand.

Well I put in Hudson Little at and came up with lots of documents but no pictures(darn it!)

TIME LINE for Hudson.............
1843 1st quarter  Born  Cumberland, England [England and Wales births 1837-2006 Transcription (Find                   My Past Nov 2014)] 11 March 1843

1843 - 23 Apr 1843 Christening  son of Isaac & Jane Little Cumberland, England[England, Select births                      and Christenings 1538-1975  ( Nov 2014)]
1851  UK Census  Hudson 7years old, from Cumberland, Bassenthwaite Scholar[ 2011]
1861  UK Census  Hudson 21 years (should be about 17) showing as a farm servant living on the Jonston                   family farm in Cumberland, England (shows he is born in Bassenthwaite, Cumberland, England)
1864   I have notation but no source: Hudson to  NZ in 1864 on ship called 'Colombo' to Nelson
1874-75  New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1865 to 1869 Transcription (Find My Past Nov2014)
1877   The New Zealand Gazette 99  Land Transfer Act Notices
              2928... Hudson Little -- 20 acres (FindMyPast Nov 2014)
1878   New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1878 Transcription  (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1879 1880 1881- New Zealand Sheep-farmers 1881-1918 Transcription (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1881   New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1881 Transcription  (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1882   A Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand, October 1882, Transcriptions (Find My Past Nov                       2014)
1890 1891  New Zealand: Sheep farmers 1881-1918 Transcription (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1893   New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1893 transcriptions (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1896   New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1896 Transcriptions (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1900 1901 New Zealand: Sheep Farmers 1881-1918 Transcription (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1911   New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1911 Transcription  (Find My Past Nov 2014)
1934   New Zealand Death Index 1848-1964 (

I also found Hudson in the New Zealand Cities Directory's from 1898 to 1933 as a farmer. But No obituary, no marriage records. No birth of children.

BUT as you can see I did find quite a number of documents to fill in Hudson LITTLE's timeline..........

Lots of research still to do. Maybe this will be the line I'll work on while in Salt Lake City in February. I do have knowledge of living descendants still in New Zealand so I need to get myself in gear...........high gear!!
Continuing ..............  

NOTE: I reversed the birth and death dates for  Hudson LITTLE......  I wrote originally wrote b:1934 d:1943 But  it is b:1943 and d: 1934......... sorry. I have corrected above but it went out with the incorrect dates so anyone coming back will get the right information...........  SB

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