Thursday, December 18, 2014

Those Places Thursday - My Little - The Other Family Landing in the New Land

Hudson Little my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers Fathers side continues.............  

another BINGO!! another dance alone, but I will share it with you because you do understand........

I began this adventure (Dec 1) researching Hudson Little and his wife Hannah Doggett and their children with a free weekend on Find My Past....... then rechecking with, then using Google to locate the tombstones, and now I am searching and recording from the FamilySearch catalog.

This month I have made several comments along the way about keeping a list for my HUGE research plan in Salt Lake City in February2015. Well, I finally went to the catalog online for FamilySearch.........  searching on New Zealand and here is what I found so far...... (I hope you are sitting down because it is BIG!!!)

.......checking under Passenger Lists pops up New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973. I was about to print off the page when I noticed right in the middle of the page says CLICK HERE, not available on microfilm...... WHAT??? so I clicked and it was true, the passenger lists are all available online. I don't have to wait till February2015 to check this out .. I did this right from my the comfort of my home. YIPPEY!!

OK OK......... drum roll please!!!   I found the passenger list of the entire DOGGETT family. This is them sailing from England to New Zealand- landing 3 Oct 1857 in Lyttelton on the South Island. This is Hannah as a young girl, with her parents and other siblings........  how fantastic!! I am so excited!!

This shows the family names, ages (the first & third columns show males and the second & fourth columns show females), where they started from, fathers occupation..... the rest of the columns have to do with how much the individual paid, how much was owed to the provincial government and the far right was the total owed for that family. I also found an IVORY family on the page prior.

IVORY is Matilda's maiden name. Don't know if they are related but I will keep the information till I can prove or disprove it. 

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