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Travel Tuesday - My Little - Arriving in a New Land

Hudson Little, my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers fathers side continues........... 

I have been lucky to receive two different newspaper accounting's of Hudson Little's arrival in New Zealand but also his departure from England and the route they took from England to New Zealand. YES I AM EXCITED.

A couple of years back I was in charge of 'Look Up's' through my local genealogy society (Root Cellar SGS). I received an inquiry from New Zealand asking about a person in San Quentin Prison. I did the work and emailed the information back. I mentioned at the end of my email that it was such a small world, I had ancestors in New Zealand..........  she wrote back, thanked me, asked me the names of the ancestor, and within a week she sent me this accounting of Hudson Little's travels from England to New Zealand. Now I was very surprised and extremely thankful..........  you never know where that next piece of family information will be coming from.........

There are a few differences between the two newspaper accounting's  but the basic information is the same. There is so much detail that you can take a map and map out the route that the ship took from England to New Zealand..............  just wonderful information!

Of course I still need to find the write up for the William Doggett family trip to New Zealand from England in 1857 to Lyttelton on the ship Glentanar - First Families of New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

Ship 'Columbus' arrived Auckland, NZ 11 Oct 1864
Archives NZ Wellington Ref: AP 9/3 (repro 1615)
Auckland Provincial Government Immigration Department Letter Book 1859-1864
Register of applications for passages 1859-1872
-- have a listing of passengers - approved applications for assisted passages for ship 'Columbus'

Southern Cross (one of two newspapers) 11 Oct 1864 Arrival of the Columbus from London
The ship Columbus, 1,277 tons, Captain Adie, arrived yesterday evening, and anchored off the North Head. She left the Downs on the 16th June, and took her final departure from Ushant on the 24th June. Experienced light NE trades, and crossed the line on the 27th July, in 25 degree 11' W longitude. The SE trades proved moderate, and the meridian of the Cape was made on the 23rd August. From thence strong W and SW winds prevailed. She ran down her easting as far as 59 degree S, and passing to the south of Tasmania, sighted the North Cape on Saturday last. The barque Guadelette, hence was spoken on the 4th instant, in longitude 163 degree 10' E, latitude 34degree S.

The Columbus was despatched by Messrs Green, Robinson and Co. She is a fine large ship, and has good accomodation., Her commander, Captian Adie, has been presented with a testimonial by the passengers, as a token of their appreciation of his abilities as a mariner, and of the manner in which he has performed his duties., Most of the passengers appear to be in good health, and the ship is in a cleanly state., The following is a list of her passengers and cargo:-  Passengers listed again-  CABIN and STEERAGE........... [many more in steerage than cabin- Hudson Little's name shows in steerage] All the cargo is listed.
Testimonial to Captain Adie: We have great pleasure in publishing the following testimonial to Captain Adie, of the Columbus:..... "To Robert Adie, Esq, Captain of the Ship Columbus, Dear Sir, We, the undersigned passengers by the ship Columbus, from London to Auckland, having experienced your great kindness, consideration, and gentlemanly behavior during the passage are desirous of hereby testifying our grateful appreciation of the same; and ere, we part, beg, as a small token of our esteem, to offer you our most sincere and heartfelt thanks. In conclusion, we beg to wish both you and your wife every happiness and all this world's joys. We remain yours, &c........."

The ship 'Columbus' arrived off the North Head last evening from London, with a full cargo of general merchandise and 185 passengers. The following is a list of their trades and occupations - 13 farm labourers, 28 servants, 14 labourers, 2 ironmongers, 20 farmers, 1 painter, 3 blacksmiths, 1 draper, 4 carpenters, 1 wine merchant, 1 doctor, 1 cook, 1 coal miner. The 'Columbus' has arrived in harbour in good order. The only deaths during the passage were Robert William Blankarn, aged 30, who died on the 29th of Julym, of consumption; and Margart Paul, aged 2 years, who died on the 27th July, of dysentery.

New Zealand Herald (one of two newspapers)11 Oct 1864
Arrival of the Columbus from London
The fine ship Columbus, Captain Robert Adie, arrived off the Heads yesterday evening, after a pleasant passage of 115 days from the Downs.

The following are the particulars of her passage:  passed through the Downs on the 16th June, taking her final departure from Ushant on the 24th. Passed outside the Cape De Verd Islands, experiencing very light NE trades; crossed the Equator on the 27th July, in longitude 25degrees 11' W and had very moderate SE trade winds; crossed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 23rd August, running down her eating between the parallels of 40degrees and 49 degrees; in these latitudes, W and SW winds were encountered with very squally wet weather. Off Tasmania, had a hard gale from the NE, which drover her down as far as 50 degreesS; after that light winds prevailed, and the North Cape was rounded at 11:30am, on Sunday last.
The only ship connected with the Colonies spoken during the passage, was the barque Guadalette, five days out from this port, on the 5th inst, in longitude 163degrees 10' E, latitude 34 degrees S; wished to be reported.

The Columbus brings 189 passengers, all in good health, and the ship has arrived in a clean and creditable condition., There were two deaths on the passage - one a child, and the other a yourn man named Robert William Blankam, aged 30 years, who died of consumption on the 29th July. There were also two births on the passage.

Capt. Adie is well spoken of by the passengers, and seems to have won their highest esteem, as will be seen by the following testimonial, which we have much pleasure in giving publicity to: [same as above]
The ship will come up harbour this morning.
Imports Foreign.......[list all the packages and cargo being carried]
PASSENGER LIST: Columbus, ship, 1280 tons, R. Adie, from London
Alphabetical List: HUDSON LITTLE [notation: Hudson would have been age 21]
It also has another alphabetical list of passengers - SC/Southern Cross  NZH= NZ Herald
It lists LITTLE, Hudson but nothing else
Source: Researcher: Chambers Genealogies. Established 16 Dec 2002/ Contact Dawn Chambers. PO Box 30380, Lower Hutt, New Zealand... Researched at the National Archives of the New Zealand Wellington

Not sure if there are actual Immigration Papers entering New Zealand?

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