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Follow Friday - My LITTLE in New Zealand continues

Hudson LITTLE, my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers Fathers side continues  ..................  

Still researching a free weekend on FINDMYPAST.COM I put in Hudson's wife's name "Hannah Sarah DOGGETT" and nothing came up ........  a Sarah Doggett showed up but nothing for the name Hannah. I know that she came from England to New Zealand as a young lady with her parents. But I do not have their names while I was doing this research but found two more generations soon after.

Hudson and Hannah were married on 25 Dec 1871 Rangiora NZ (no source yet)

More research needed........... I really used FindMyPast on the free weekend, so need to look for other sources now.....

 Here is what I found about early British family naming patterns.........

The first son was named after the paternal grandfather
• The second son was named after the maternal grandfather
• The third son was named after the father
• The fourth son was named after the oldest paternal uncle
• The fifth was named after the second oldest paternal uncle or the oldest maternal uncle
• The first daughter was named after the maternal grandmother
• The second daughter was named after the paternal grandmother
• The third daughter was named after the mother
• The fourth daughter was named after the oldest maternal aunt
• The fifth was named after the second oldest maternal aunt or the oldest paternal aunt
If there was duplication (for example, the maternal grandfather and maternal father had the same name 
Scott Smith-Bannister, Names and Naming Patterns in England, 1538-1700. (Oxford Historical Monographs) New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.

I applied the naming pattern above and some matched.  This may have been late enough in the 1800's when they weren't using the naming pattern as often. 

Hudson's Father: Isaac    Mother: Jane
     Grandfather: John     Grandmother: Jane
                                          Hannah's Father: William    Mother: Matilda
                                                     Grandfather: William    Grandmother: Hannah

Hudson & Hannah had four children.............   
William Hudson Little  b: 1 Oct 1872 New Zealand / Married Rosie Dixon b: 11 Nov 1878 New Zealand
Arthur Louis Little b: 12 Feb 1875 New Zealand / Married Mary Sophie Osbourne b: unknown
     children: Marie Irene Little; Hugh Hudson Little; Lawrence Charles Little
Amy Jane Little b: 10 June 1877 New Zealand / Married: unknown Nissen
Alfred Mounsey Little b: 18 May 1879 New Zealand / Married: Isabel Frances Walker-New B:10 Oct 1885
     children: Kitty Francis New; Aileen Hannah Sarah Little 

A couple of Hudson' siblings match names with Hudson's father and Grandfather.
Hudson's siblings names are : Mary, John, Anne, William, Isaac, Jane Eliza, James, Mounsey, Joseph

Interesting!! Maybe further back in time these other first names would come up again. I just don't have it that far back yet. 


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