Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivational Monday - My Little's Last Will and Testament: Probate Records

Hudson LITTLE, my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers Fathers side continues  ..................

BINGO it happened again........  I was in the FamilySearch catalog searching through the New Zealand offerings, I clicked on Probate hoping for some reference to a Will and Last Testament and AND THERE IT WAS the entire will of Hudson and a will for Hannah too. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Yes, another one that says "To view digital images of these New Zealand Archives New Zealand Probate Records, Click here. Not available on microfilm. AND so I clicked.

I put in Hudson Little with the year of his death 1834 and nothing NOTHING!. How disappointing!! Don't know why but I decided to put in a range of years 1834 - 1836 thinking that wills sometime take months or even years to complete a probate..........HOT DOG!!  Hudson Little appeared. I was so excited........ and the actually recording of the will and the probate of the will is completely here for me to download and keep all for myself. He wrote his will several years prior, as did she. And then the processing after his death and then her death on the same day.............

There are 18 pages with real time signatures and a wealth of information. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have these documents. AND it maybe able to share theses documents with the descendants still living in New Zealand........  and then again they may already have them.

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