Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sorting Saturday - Wrap Up.......... My Little's Research List

Hudson LITTLE, my Great Grand Uncle on my Mothers Fathers side continues  .................. this is it till after conference 

Looks like I have done as much research as possible on my Hudson LITTLE in New Zealand till after my trip to Salt Lake City. I have my list and I am checking it twice.......  (hahahaha!! sorry I couldn't resist)

I have been putting together what I have on Hudson LITTLE my great grand Uncle born in England and lived his life if New Zealand. I don't think that he ever went back to England or ever saw his parents or siblings again. Too sad. I find that I have more information about him than I thought. I did find more information along the way this month through Find My Past (free weekend),, Google(tombstones, pictures of brother-in-laws of Hudson) Find A Grave and I was so surprised when I actually could download documents (probates, passenger lists) right from catalog.  thank you so much!!

created a timeline for Hudson LITTLE on Dec1 and have found it to very valuable. I re-read it and found that I do have certain items that I did not have when I created the timeline..........progress!

The one item that I do not have is documentation of Hudson & Hannah's marriage......  25 Dec 1871 Rangiora New Zealand
       * I do have two sources to check in SLC LIBRARY for marriages for the time frame...... I do want to try looking for the other marriages of their children and grandchildren

Obituary's - want to find the obituary's and gravestones of all of Hudson children and for the next generation
      *  I have found several resources for burial locator's, cemetery transcriptions, NZ obits

Looking for basics.......  B/M/D for Hudson & Hannah's children and grandchildren AND I find there are resources for this at the LIBRARY

I found an interesting resource "Gold Seekers and Bush Rangers NZ 1840-1876" ....  in Hudson's obituary said he originally went to NZ to look for gold. Well you never know what might be in this source.

I want to check on maps of New Zealand........  this is a middle island map, a New Zealand map, a Colony of New Zealand map, and of course there is a south island and a north island map.

There is a book available "Information for people leaving Great Britain, 1854" Sounds interesting.  Never know what you will find.

I do have a couple of microfilm on shipping lists and shipping notebooks.......  I want to see if there is a write up of Hannah's ship crossing.

I found a couple of interesting Microfilms- one on Sheep Owners Return 1880/1890/1900 but I already found these in Find My Past. It simply tells how many sheep you owned each year it was taken. It does act as a census of types- telling you where this person lived, # of sheep and value (I have 1879-1880-1881 1889-1890-1891 1900 1901 so I guess this is one less item I need to look up). IF I have extra time?

..... another one on "Return of Freeholders - I have one from October 1882 Not sure if there are any others. But what it is exactly.......   Looks like you would be a property owner. Looks like the 1882 was the only one done......... it is a census of types: property owner and value of land
JUST GOOGLE IT AND FIND OUT & I DID : compiled from the assessment rolls of the Property-Tax Department (predecessor of the Inland Revenue Department). It lists the names, addresses, and occupations of owners of land in 1882. If the land was in a county, the acreage and value is given. If the land was in a borough or city, only the value is given. At the 1st October, 1882, the male adult population of New Zealand (excluding Maoris) was about 143,000, and, as the number of owners of land was 71,240, it may be roughly stated that every second man was a landowner. However, that figure includes many women who held land in their own right, trustees for marriage settlements, and other trusts.The assessment rolls, from which this resource was compiled, have not survived.

AND the last resource I have to check out - microfilm - is all about Bunnythorpe and the District1872-1952

I don't seem to have anything on newspapers. Did I miss that in the catalog? Gee whiz one more thing.......

So there is my research list for Hudson and Hannah (Doggett) Little and family. This will keep me busy for a day or more. All of this research will be on the B2 Floor of the LIBRARY in Salt Lake City in February 2015. I have never been on this floor before so it will be all new for me. I'll go back and study the floor plan and hopefully become comfortable with it before the conference. I will have two full days for research and then the conference starts..........  past experience tells me by the end of each day of classes I am tired and just want to hang out in my hotel room, so I need to make the most of Monday and Tuesday.

I am excited. I have all this done NOW. A little more organized.                            Now, What else will I research? 

So here's to happy hunting.......... and to successful searches!!

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