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Sibling Saturday - Continuing with the "Little Family"

Since I devoted all of December to my Great Grand Uncle Hudson LITTLE who was born in England, moved to New Zealand, married, & lived his life in New Zealand. I do still have a little more research to do on Hudson and his family, so I've got my list of research to be done in Salt Lake City when I go in February

I am going to continue with the same family but the other siblings.............. who will that be?
OK let's start at the beginning again with Hudson's parents and the rest of his siblings.............

              reminder "LITTLE'S" are my Mothers Fathers line
Isaac (1806-1863) & Jane (Mounsey) (1812-1867) LITTLE   [2nd Great Grandparents ]

Siblings of Hudson's.........
Mary LITTLE (1831- ?) -          [Great Grand Aunt]
John LITTLE (1832-1861)         [Great Grand Uncle]
Anne LITTLE (1835-?)              [Great Grand Aunt]
William LITTLE (1837-1843)     [Great Grand Uncle]
Isaac LITTLE (1840-?)               [Great Grand Uncle]
HUDSON LITTLE 1843-1934) [Great Grand Uncle]
Jane Eliza LITTLE 1846-1867)   [Great Grand Aunt]
James LITTLE 1849-1855)        [Great Grand Uncle]
Mounsey LITTLE (1851-1940) ......................................[My Great Grandfather]
Joseph LITTLE (1852-1932)     [Great Grand Uncle]

Imagine 10 children! It seems to be the norm back in these days. AND yikes! no I can't imagine having and raising that many children. I would be overwhelmed. Two children was just right for me.

I see that there are 1 & 2 & 3 years in between each child's birth. Unfortunately it does appear  that several didn't live very long -

John, the second child, was only 31 when he passed.
William, the fourth child, was only 6 years old when he passed.
Jane Eliza, the seventh child,  was only 21 when she passed.
James, the eighth child,  was only 7 years old when he passed.

I don't have a death date yet for Mary, Anne and Isaac so don't know how long they lived.
Yet Hudson, Mounsey and Joseph lived into their 80's and 90's.
However their parents, Isaac and Jane only lived into their mid 50's.

........and at this point it looks like Hudson (my great grand uncle) as a young man sailed off to New Zealand and Mounsey (my great grandfather) as a young man sailed off to America. I don't think any of the other siblings left England, but we will see as we go through each one.

I just went through the FamilySearch Catalog and found the births of all 10 of the children. I feel good about that........... here is one example .......

Now I can add these 10 to my list for Salt Lake City .........  get copies of the originals. I hope, anyway. It says it is from an Indexing Project (Batch) Number..........  so I am thinking they are only in the indexing project but the documents have not been digitized yet. Anyone know for sure?

I found one birth/christening document that could also be from this family but they are not listed in my family file or not seen on any census either. This child might not be part of this family, OR the child might not have lived till the 1841 census. ADD or NOT??

I looked and Anne, William and Isaac plus this Jane were all born in Sebergham, Cumberland, England. So I can't rule this Jane out yet. ALL children were born in Cumberland, England.
John was born in Watermillock, Cumberland, England
Mary, Hudson, Jane Eliza, James, Mounsey, and Joseph were all born in Bassenthwaite, Cumberland, England

I can see I need a map to see how close or far away these towns are to each other. I tried to look at maps on WorldGenWeb and was disappointed. I do see that Cumberland is on the northwest coast below Scotland.  I do have an idea where all  the villages/parishes are located but I am very visual and need a good detailed map to refer too. I will add this map to my research list - Great Britain and Cumberland.

Father Isaac LITTLE was a teacher and school master (from 1851 & 1861 UK census) and 1861 UK census shows Jane Mounsey LITTLE was a school mistress. So they could have moved several times when teaching at different schools which would account for the children being born in different towns/villages but all within Cumberland. .

?? BIRTH OF FATHER:   ..........   this is on my Salt Lake City research list 
Name: Isaac LITTLE
Parents: John Little and Jane Hudson

Name: Jane MOUNSEY
gender: Female
baptism/christening date: 10 Jun 1812
birth date: 31 May 1812
father's name: John Mounsey
mother's name: Mary Skelton
indexing project (batch) number: C03678-1 system origin: England-ODM source film number: 90567  Jan2012

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