Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sibling Saturday - continuing with #2 John LITTLE


LITTLE'S .....  my Mothers Fathers Side

Isaac (1806-1863) & Jane (Mounsey) (1812-1867) LITTLE   [2nd Great Grandparents ]

Siblings  .........
done Mary LITTLE (1831- ?) -     [Great Grand Aunt]
John LITTLE (1832-1861)         [Great Grand Uncle]
Anne LITTLE (1835-?)              [Great Grand Aunt]
William LITTLE (1837-1843)     [Great Grand Uncle]
Isaac LITTLE (1840-?)               [Great Grand Uncle]
done HUDSON LITTLE 1843-1934) [Great Grand Uncle]
Jane Eliza LITTLE 1846-1867)   [Great Grand Aunt]
James LITTLE 1849-1855)        [Great Grand Uncle]
Mounsey LITTLE (1851-1940) ......................................[My Great Grandfather]
Joseph LITTLE (1852-1932)     [Great Grand Uncle]

next is JOHN LITTLE.........  second child and first son ....... looks like named after both of his grandfathers

Found his christening information........  18 Jul 1832. so that shows one year and a few months in between first child Mary and John.

Found John in the 1841 UK Census only............. he was not in the 1851 UK census with his parents. Not able to find him alone or in another household, but not sure I would recognize him at this point. He would be only 18 but I think children left home or started work a lot younger than they do today. He only lived till April 1861 so he may have died too early in the year to have been in1861 census. But what about the 1851 UK census? another item on my to-do list.  

1841 England, Wales, & Scotland Census Transcription - Find My Past nov 2014
Street: Church Town, Parish: Castle Sowerby, registration district: Penrith, County: Cumberland, England archive reference: HO107, piece #: 172; book #: 1, folio # 4, page #: 2, record set: 1841 England, Wales, & Scotland Census........

First Name      Last Name       Gender     Age     Birth Year      Birth Place
Isaac              Little                 Male         35       1806          Cumberland, England
Jane                                       Female      30       1811                 "
Mary                                      Female     10       1831                 "
John                                       Male        8        1833                 "
Ann                                        Female       6        1835                 "
William                                     Male        4        1837                 "
Isaac                                        Male        0(10mn)1841               "

I believe this to be my John's death information but I am taking the source information to the LIBRARY with me in February and see if it has more information. 

Wonder about a a tombstone? Maybe if I find where the parents are buried I might find some of the children.

What do I know about John? ..................
...... his is the second child, first son, looks like he was named after both grandfathers
...... christened 18 Jul 1832 (a little more than a year after first child was born)
...... born in Watermillock, Cumberland, England
...... in 1841 UK census as an 8 year old (shows him born in 1833 but that is an estimate)
...... DID NOT find 1851 UK Census - he is not with his parents in 1851
...... John died as a young man in Apr 1861 -so probably he will not show up in 1861 UK census


  1. Hi, there's a good chance that this fella is my Great Great Grandad & lived longer.

    In 1851 an 18 year old John Little listed as a Cordwainer apprentice in the Penruddock area. With the Alcock Family

    Pops up again in 1871 census, a 38 year old John Little, a Cordwainer in the Penruddock, Greystoke area. Born in Sebergham, Cumberland. Like the other Littles..

    Had a child Isaac in 1871, seen in census. Married to a Mary( perhaps Hodgson).. In 1881 Mary Little is there with the children. But no John. Another child ( my great grandad) William Mounsey Little in 1878 is on that census.

    Anyhow, you have saved me a bit of work if this is correct, cheers. Thought i'd just say. My Grandad was born in the same area too. :) Ta

  2. Thank You for stopping to comment. I am thrilled and very excited. What you see on this one post is all I know about my John Little. I wish I had a few more details so that I would be able to identify him. JOHN and LITTLE are both so common and you can see that in the hundreds listed for each census. I wish I could say YES YES we are related but I am not sure. I will take some time to see if I can match up your's to mine. Do you know who your John's parents are? or anything else about them. Seeing that Mounsey in your great grandad's name peaks my interest. Keep in touch.

  3. Hello again, sorry for not responding much, but i noticed your family strongly match on the ftdna tests to myself. So it is more than likely. :)

    My Grandad was from around the Lake District in England and unfortunately died when I was young. I live in Scotland. Used some help from your blog if you don't mind too. :) Cheers!

    My family line
    My Grandad Ernest little, with some of his siblings on the farm.