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Sunday Census- Following Through the Census

......continuing with LITTLE'S in England in the 1800's

LITTLE'S are my Mothers Fathers side..................

I was not able to find a 1831 United Kingdom census but here are the 1841-1851- & 1861 which seems to account for all 10 children over the years.............. but a closer look shows that JAMES (1848-1855) does not appear on any of the census and he should have appeared only on the 1851. Big question, what happened? I need to go back to the original document and see if I left him off or he was on the another page.

1841 England, Wales, & Scotland Census Transcription - Find My Past nov 2014
Street: Church Town, Parish: Castle Sowerby, registration district: Penrith, County: Cumberland, England archive reference: HO107, piece #: 172; book #: 1, folio # 4, page #: 2, record set: 1841 England, Wales, & Scotland Census........

First Name      Last Name       Gender     Age     Birth Year      Birth Place
Isaac              Little                 Male         35       1806          Cumberland, England
Jane                                       Female      30       1811                 "

Mary                                      Female     10        1831                 "
John                                       Male          8        1833                 "
Ann                                        Female       6        1835                 "
William                                   Male          4        1837                 "
Isaac                                     Male           0(10mn)1841              "

1851 England, Wales, & Scotland Census Transcription....
ISAAC LITTLE 45 (abt 1806) HEAD; spouses name: Jane; gender: male; where born; Castle Sowerby, Cumberland, England; civil parish: Bassenthwaite; county/island: Cumberland; country: England; registration district: cockermouth; sub-registration district: Keswick; ED: 4a; household schedule #: 30; Others in resident:
Jane  wife 38  Cumberland, Greystone
Isaac son  10  Cumberland, Castle Sowerby  scholar
Hudson son 7  Cumberland, Bassenthwaite   scholar
Jane Eliza  dau 5  Cumberland, Bassenthwaite

1861 England, Wales, & Scotland Census Transcription 
ISAAC LITTLE - 55, abt 1806, head male;school master; spouse:Jane; where born: Castle Sowerby, Cumberland,England; civil parish: Bassenthwaite; ecclesiastical parish: Bassenthwaite; county: Cumberland, country: England; registration district: Cockermouth; sub-registration district: Keswick, ED 13; household schedule # 46;
Others in resident: 
  Jane  wife 48   school mistress
Mounsey  son 9  scholar
Joseph      son 7 scholar

**All children born between 1831 and 1853.
Isaac and Jane both passed away before the 1871 Census. All children out on their own, one way or another.
John, William, Jane Eliza, and James also had passes away before the 1871 UK census.
Hudson sailed off to New Zealand hoping for gold in 1864....  so before 1871 UK census.

**I did find Mounsey in the 1871 UK Census
1871 England Census - civil parish: Egremont; county/country: Cumberland, England; reg dist:Whitehaven; sub-reg: Egrement; ED: 4k; household schedule: 21

1. MOUNSEY LITTLE -  19; abt 1852; farm SERVANT; male, B: Bassenthwaite, Cumberland, England;
2. Jeremiah Ganson - head- 44 - farm of 215 acres
3. Sarah Ganson - wife- 39
4. Mary Ganson- dau - 9 -scholar
5. William Ganson- son - 3
6. Sarah Ann Ganson - dau - 1
7. William Simpson - farmers assistant  -19
8. Robert Jackson- farm servant - 25
9. Allen Southwaite - farm servant - 18
10.William Southwaite - farm servant - 24
11.Jane Storey - farm servant - 18
12.Ann Armstrong - Nurse - 14
I have been told that Mounsey came to America as a young man in 1872. (I have found him in the 1880 through the 1940 US Census- note census was taken in April 1940 and Mounsey died in July 1940)

**I did locate Joseph married in the 1881 UK Census but not sure about the 1871 except he might have been a servant- I found a couple of single men about the right age from the right area of England but not sure. I searched the 1891 UK Census and did not find him - I would have thought that the last 2 sons and maybe all three would have been listed under their parents in 1891 but did not find them YET.

1881 UK Census..
1. LITTLE, Joseph  head  M/m-27 b: Bassenthwaite, Cumberland England o: Railway labourer & farmer of 3 acres of land
2.             Margaretta wife M/f-27 b: Newlands, Cumberland, England
3.             Mounsey    son       m-5 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England
4.             Harry          son       m-3 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England
5.             Joseph Wm son      m-1 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England

**So this still leaves Mary, Anne, Isaac.........
I was told that Mary married a man named John Strong but no luck locating them.
I was told that Anne married a man named Mr. Todd but no luck locating them.
AND I have NO information about Isaac........  but I am still looking.

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