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Wishful Wednesday -continuing with #7 Jane Eliza LITTLE - Death

continuing ........   

              "LITTLE'S" are my Mothers Fathers line
Isaac (1806-1863) & Jane (Mounsey) (1812-1867) LITTLE   [2nd Great Grandparents ]

Siblings of Hudson's.........
doneMary LITTLE (1831- ?) -          [Great Grand Aunt]
doneJohn LITTLE (1832-1861)         [Great Grand Uncle]
doneAnne LITTLE (1835-?)              [Great Grand Aunt]
doneWilliam LITTLE (1837-1843)     [Great Grand Uncle]
doneIsaac LITTLE (1840-?)               [Great Grand Uncle]
doneHUDSON LITTLE 1843-1934) [Great Grand Uncle]
Jane Eliza LITTLE 1846-1867)   [Great Grand Aunt]
James LITTLE 1849-1855)        [Great Grand Uncle]
Mounsey LITTLE (1851-1940) ......................................[My Great Grandfather]
Joseph LITTLE (1852-1932)     [Great Grand Uncle]

DEATH: I was so surprised to see that Jane Eliza lived to a great age of 90. For the 1800's and early 1900's 90 years of age was quite old and people just didn't live that long. IN the mid to late 1900's & 2000's it seems that 90 - 100 years of age is pretty common place. 

Just a little side note about LITTLE women....... they seem to have longevity and pretty good health in their genes to this day. And since I have a lot of LITTLE running through me this excites me ........ 

Since Jane died in 1936 I am glad to know that I still have the 1921 and 1931 UK census for Jane Eliza LITTLE Wilson when released in the future.

                                                                   Death Information

 I did also locate a death record for Jane Eliza's father Isaac.... I did not locate one for her mother Jane. BUT......................

everyone up -  HAPPY DANCE!!!   Happy DANCE!!!

While "Googling" I entered "Jane Eliza Wilson tombstone Cumberland England" a couple of items popped up.........  this one gave me the resting place of many generations of Little/Wilson's and Wilson/ Greenup and Greenup/? .......  This booklet is only of this church and its cemetery inside the church and outside.......... unfortunately there are no pictures of the gravestones but now I know where to write/email too request them in the future. (OMG GOOGLE is my friend)

Caldbeck & District Local History Society (C&DLHS) undertook another survey in
                    the early 1990s, which they completed and published as 
 in 1996. (they did another update in 2000 which is included in the booklet that I downloaded) 

John Greenup Wilson died 28 Feb 1923 aged 75 years and
       his wife Jane Eliza (LITTLE) Wilson died at TOWN END HALTCLIFF 20 Jan 1936 aged 90 years

also listed was John Greenup Wilson's parents....
             John Wilson died of STONE ENDS HOUSE died 13 July 1857 aged 50 years  and
                 his wife Ann Greenup died 22 August 1847 aged 28 years

also listed was Ann Greenup's parents...
             John Greenup died 3 June 1845 aged 76 years and
                his wife Ann ( ) died Oct 12, 1882 aged 96 years

also listed is Any Isobel their granddaughter and wife of Robert Hall who died at THRANG CRAGG, MARTINDALE July 28th 1919 aged 37 years (John & Jane's daughter) Robert Hall is not listed.

On another page I found another child of John & Jane.........
Edwin James Wilson died at TOWN END HALTCLIFFE February 1946 aged 69 years. Also of Sarah his wife who died 13th October 1968 aged 86 years.

Here is part of page 41 from above (second column) ........... in the first column are dozens more Greenup's that I am sure are somehow related to my John Greeup's family.......  but for now this is as far as I go with the Greenup family...........

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