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Mystery Monday - GARDNER and SMITH

    Second Great Grandparents


these are the third set of 2nd Great Grandparents I want to explore 
but this is my direct line [so to speak since I am a girl  hahaha!]
[here we go again, if it is not James or Jones now it is SMITH- Yikes!]
I do not know much about this couple. A very little more about him. He seems to be illusive. He existed but where? Who was he? When did he enter the USA? Was he married when he entered or did he marry in USA? What happened to him? When did he die? Where did he die? Where is he buried? 

Ok, this is what I do have for sure............ 

George's name appeared on his son's (Harry B Gardner) death certificate/1936
Father: George Gardner, born Scotland and
Mother: Jane Smith

George was not mentioned in his wife, Jane's obituary (1926)
  and he is not buried with her .... and neither was John Douglass, Jane's second husband

That is all I know about George.............  not much at all 
                     I will go on to Jane and see if I can't piece some more together.

Jane Smith Gardner DOUGLASS's Obituary: 

Deaths - The Alliance Review, Tue May 18, 1926 ...............  Douglass Funeral [Stark County, Ohio]
The funeral services for Mrs Jane Gardner Douglass, who passed away Friday morning at the home of her son Harry B Gardner, in Canton, were held from the Gardner home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The services were in charge of Rev W G Forrester of that city. A number of beautiful floral designs surrounded the bier. The bearers were the following grandsons, John Gardner, [my grandfather], Harry Gardner, F E Slhultz [should be Schultz], and Edgar Hartzell. Interment was made at the family lot at the Alliance Cemetery. Out of town relatives were present from Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, PA and other places.

Department of Health/ Division of Vital Statistics / registration district#1206- File # 34961
   Primary Registration district # 8482 registered # 543
Place of Death: Stark  City of Canton 
FULL NAME:  Mrs Jane M. Douglass / 2615 Harrisson Ave. N.E.  7 years in residency 61yrs in US
Female/ White race / widowed to John Douglass
DOB: Sept 29, 1838  age: 87 yrs, 7 months 15 days .........  retired
Birthplace: Scotland
Father: Daniel Smith from Scotland      -  mothers maiden name: Margaret Liske from Scotland
Informant: Harry B Gardner, Canton O
DoD: May 14, 1926 ........ doctor certifies he took care of her from May 1925 to May 14, 1926 3am passed on
Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage / contributory- arterio velviosso? (3yrs)

BURIED in Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance. Stark Co. OH sec #F - large stone with GARDNER and three small stones around it.

1. Harry B Sr 1836 - 1956  [son]
2. Elizabeth 1864-1951  [daughter-in-law]
3. Jane [Smith Gardner Douglas] 1837-1926 [Harry's mother]

First Census that I find Jane is the 1880 US Census..... she is already remarried to a John Douglass and had a child with him. I have not found any other information about John Douglass yet. Don't know when he died, where he is buried? Did he die and she went back to Alliance area OR did he leave the family? The census shows that the last child was only 1 year old, so she may only have been married to John for less than 2 years or as much as 6 years. The last Gardner child was 6 years old (b: 1874). Her first son Henry/Harry was born in Scotland along with his father George and mother Jane. One son born in New Jersey and then the next one is born in Ohio along with the Douglass child born in Ohio. This census was in the County of Columbiana not Stark County. So I am thinking that the Douglass child may have been born in Columbiana County although I have not proof yet. 

1880 US CENSUS ... Middleton Twp, Columbiana C OH no date ed:54 pg: 512a
                no address given
1. Douglass, John  w m 55 yr head, married occ: Cooper......  OH PA 2x
2.                 Jane  w f  41 yr wife married occ: k'house ... Scotland3x
3. Gardner   Henry  w m 16 yr Sson single      Scotland3x
4.                John w m 8yr Sson.. single.......... NJ, Scotland2x
5.                Margaret  w f 6 yr Sdau single      OH2x Scotland
6. Douglass, Mary -  w f 1 yr dau single   OH2x Scotland

I have not located them or either one of them in the 1900 US Census........

I have only found this one 1910 Census with only Jane NO John........  everything fits but not sure why she would be by herself. She had four children she could have lived with. But the only child I know about is the first child Harry, not sure what has happened to any of the other children.

1910 US Census Beaver Falls Bor, Beaver Co PA 2-3 May 1910, ed:15 sht: 5a  no address given  dwelling #95 (?)
1. Douglass, Jane  head f w 70 wd  6c born/1 living  Scotland3x yr/Immg 1870 occ: decrepit  rws/Eng rented/house

I found Jane in 1920 with her first son Harry living back in Stark County, Ohio..............

1920 US Census Canton, Stark Co OH ... 23 Jan 1920 ED#28 sht: 28a      504 Mahoning Blvd
1. Gardner, Harry B (H) own h Mrg -m w 56 m/ 1863 al rws/Eng Scotland 3x  occ: Asst Forman/RR-wage
2.            Elizabeth (wife)............  f w 55 M  ?? al..  rws/Eng    Maryland/ Germany2x
3. Douglas, Jane...... mother ....... f w 81 wd  1863 na 1870 rws/Eng Scotland 3x occ: none

DIED 1926 - no 1930 census

Still need confirmation of birth for both George, Jane and son Harry in Scotland perhaps Glasgow.
So the 1910 Census shows Jane immigrated to the USA in 1870, but the 1920 census shows that she immigrated in 1863 and naturalized in 1870. If they did enter the USA in 1863 then according to the information about Harry, he was born in Scotland before they left. Harry's Death Certificate shows he was born 15 Nov 1863 Glasgow Scotland - so either they left right away OR he was actually born on the ocean OR they arrive in 1864. [so Glasgow will be a good starting point for births and departures]  
......and from Jane's Death Certificate I learned who her parents are: David Smith and Margaret Liske both of Scotland. 
Need to look again for 1870, & 1900 US Census. Re-examine the 1910 US Census. 
Looks like they? were naturalized in 1870....... was that George? or Harry? 

OH MY ...........  I need to retrace my research and see if maybe there is something new out there..... new records being scanned, digitized and extracted all the time............ 

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