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Friday's Faces From the Past - Timeline for Jonathen G. JAMES

TIMELINE for my Second Great Grandfather 

Jonathen G JAMES 

1839 Birth       Jonathen G.  31 Oct  [Llanwinio. Carmarthenshire, Wales from 1851C]
                        Back of Affidavit of Birth - Jonathan born CARNARVAN, Wales Oct 31, 1839

1841-Census   3y Carmarthenshire, Wales (mother+ 2 sisters & 2 brothers)

1851-Census  11y Cardiganshire, Wales (mother +2 brothers & 1 sister)

1861-Census  21y Llangynwyd, Higher Glamorgan (mother +3 brothers)
1861 Marriage 31 August- Parish of Llangynwyd' in the 'County of Glamorgan - miner (Margaret Jones)
1862 Birth      First Son John Lewis - Spelter, Wales
1865 Birth      First Daughter: Mary Ann - Meistig, Gla-Morganshire, Wales
1868 Birth      Second Daughter Margaretta - Glamorgan, Wales

1870 Immigration- in May from Great Britain (Wales) according to Naturalization Papers
1870-Census  [should be in Scranton, PA area with birth of son David C (Dec 25),  probably arrived after 1870 census was taken]
1870 Birth       Second Son/First son in USA: Dec 25, 1870 David Christmas- Providence, Pennsylvania
1873 Resident JAMES, John,  Scranton PA  miner (Scranton 1873 City Directory-suggesting 1872/1871)
1873 Birth       Third Son: Lewis - Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio
1875 Birth       Third Daughter: Martha Jane - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio
1878 Birth       Fourth Son: Samuel - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio

1880-Census  41y Ohio, Trumbull CO, Hubbard coalminer
1880 Birth      Fifth Son: Richard - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio
1881 Marriage First Daughter: Mary Ann to E C Branfield -Dec 26 in Sharon, Mercer Co. Pennsylvania
1882 Marriage First Son: John Lewis to Ella ? Ohio
1883 Birth      Fourth Daughter - Elizabeth - Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio
1884 Naturalization- 13 Dec OHIO, Trumbull Co. 
1887 Marriage (or before) Second Daughter: Margaretta to John Bartholomew

1892 Marriage (about) Second Son David C to Margaret - Sherrodsville, Ohio
1899 Marriage Third Son Lewis to Annie - Stark Co., Ohio

1900-Census    60y Ohio, Carroll Co, Rose Twp retired
1902 Marriage (about) Fourth Son Samuel to Cora - Stark Co., Ohio
1904 Resident- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1906 Resident -JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired, res: 542 S Liberty Ave- Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1908 Resident -JAMES, John G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co. Ohio
1908 Death      First Son John Lewis - Ohio

1910-Census    70y Ohio, Lexington Twp, Stark Co  retired                
1910 Resident - JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1911 Resident - JAMES, John G [Margaret] retired  res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio       1913 Death   14 Feb- John G JAMES - Allegheny, Allegheny Co., PA

1913 Resident  JAMES, Margret - retired, 542 S Liberty Ave, Alliance, Stark, Ohio [wife- passed in 1914]

============================================ analyze

I really have a real conflict with the place of birth for Jonathen G JAMES. 1851 tells me Llanwinio. Carmarthenshire, Wales AND the affidavit of birth that Mary Ann JAMES BRANFIELD did says he was born  CARNARVAN, Wales - The death date on this second document is the same as the death certificate. I am sure I have that right.  I feel very comfortable with the 1861 England Census but I am going to recheck the 1841 & the 1851 England Census.  Still searching for the 1870 US Census probably in Pennsylvania.

Still trying to find out more about Providence Pennsylvania. I visited the libraries of Scranton PA in person and went through the city directories - I remember I only found a reference in the 1873 directory listed above. I don't remember (and this is where I should written notes of the visit and didn't) if there was not a 1870 & 1871 & 1872 directories or there was nothing in them. (Don't remember) However, city directories are usually done up to a year or more ahead, so this 1873 directory could reflect 1872 or even 1871. Scranton Pennsylvania did not have a lot of records available, most were destroyed by fire or water. But new stuff is always coming out all the time so I will continue to search. Not sure when the family actually arrived in Providence, a suburb of Scranton. But we know they were there 25 Dec with the first USA birth of Son David,  so if they just arrived they would have missed the 1870 in PA but where were they traveling from. Where did the arrive in the USA?

Still have not  found any Immigration Records, just the reference from the Naturalization record. Still looking.

Gosh,  a lot of work still to do on this family..........

Any suggestions would be appreciated.......  thanks in advance. 

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