Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday's Faces From the Past - Directories for JAMES

Looking through City Directories can be slow but very interesting. While on a trip to Alliance,
Stark Co., Ohio, many years ago, we visited the Rodman Public Library. Lots of great things to look through including the Alliance City Directories from the late 1800's through pretty current. I was excited and began my work. Unfortunately at that time I was not as aware as I am now about sourcing and keeping all information. I just went through each directory available and look up certain surnames and wrote everything down by hand. I visited the Scranton Library,  Scranton, Pennsylvania and went through their directories for the James family. Now I wish I had pictures of the fronts and inside pages of the directories. I wish I had lookede through them again to check out the advertisements and front pages for the history and information about the area. Maybe someday I will be back. OR maybe someday they will be online.

Anyway, below is the information I found for the John JAMES family through city directories as they came into the United States about May 1870 coming through Scranton/Providence Pennsylvania and into Ohio.........  I believe they lived in Providence area for about two years before moving on to Ohio

1873...  JAMES, John, miner, C mine, h 2d Ward                  [son David born in Providence in 1870]
                          *C mine = Cayuga Mine in Scranton
                          *2nd ward = Providence area of Scranton
       This is the only reference I found to Jonathen/John/Jno/  James in Scranton- checked other directories

Need to look through the Youngstown, Ohio, & the Coalburg Trumbull Co Ohio USA Directory's for 1873- 1904  (first three children born in Wales/England 1862-1868 -- one born in Providence, PA 1870 -- last five children born in Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio 1873-1883

1904- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired 542 S Liberty Ave
1906- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                       Richard, draftsman, res: 542 S Liberty Ave                    [Jonathen's son]
1908- JAMES, John G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                        Richard, draftsman, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
1910- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                         Richard, wks drafting room, ME Co, res: 542 S Liberty
 1911- JAMES, John G [Margaret] retired  res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                         Richard, draftsman MannInd Co, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
1913- JAMES, David, operator Penna Co res: 290 W Market             [Jonathen's son]
                        David [Margarette] street cleaner res: 766 E Grant
                        Earl, tracer, Electric Furnace Co  res: 766 E Grant        [David's son]
                        Margret - retired, 542 S Liberty Ave                            [Jonathen's wife- passed in 1914]

MORE WORK NEEDED.............

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