Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wedding - Golden Wedding Anniversary - CELEBRATE!

                                            Second Great Grandparents
            Jonathen [John] G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES

                             Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration , Alliance Stark Co Ohio

                                                                         August 1911
I love this house. Wish I knew what it looked like inside. Looks like it could be home to many of their children and grandchildren. I am wondering if Alliance Historical Society or Alliance or OHIO Genealogical Society has pictures of all the old homes........  can't hurt to ask. Add that to my list of TO-DO's.

I know the people are hard to see but here goes.......................
Back Row Left to Right.........Martha James, Elizabeth James, Dick James, Myrtle Kemp, Margaret James, Mrs Trump, Cora, Mrs Erma Branfield, Margaret Gardner, Margaretta, Clarence Bottomy, Esther Branfield, John B Bottomy, John Gardner, ________, Sam James, Vancil Branfield

Middle row left to right......... Lewis, child?, David, John G James, Margaret James, Mary Ann James Branfield, Edward Branfield

Sitting on ground in front..........  all grandchildren and perhaps great grandchildren

Golden Wedding Anniversary August 1911 Alliance, Stark Co Ohio

Sitting in front in the middle are the lucky couple
Jonathen [John] G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES

left to right...... Samuel, Martha, David, Mary Ann, Lewis, Margaretta, Richard & Elizabeth
NOTE: Mary Ann James is my Great Grandmother

I did a google earth search for the home ...  542 South Liberty Ave, Alliance, Ohio
         and sorry to say it does not exist anymore. It is a park now.

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