Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - Happy Mothers Day Around the World

Today we honor our mothers for all they have done for their families and communities.
They have struggled to make ends meet, raise their children, cook, and clean. Times have changed over the years, and women have lots of choices now - work, marry, stay single, try to balance work with marriage and children. NOW, with the help of others in the family or community and yes husbands help too most have been very successful and happy.

My Mother was a 1st Lt in the US Army Nursing Corp during WWII, came home, got married and started a family (two children, now two grandsons & 3 great grandchildren) and then back to her profession of nursing in the 1960's. Retirement in the 1970's and lots of RV'ing around the country.

I too have been blessed with two wonderful sons, a great husband, and now 3 awesome grandchildren. Life is good and getting better each year.  Retirement is as wonderful as they said it would be.

                     to my MOM, to ME                 
                                    and to ALL MOMs 

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