Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Faces From the Past - 1886 - They Are All Together Finally!

Second Great Grandparents
Jonathen (John) G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES


Don't know what the occasion is for this picture but I am thrilled I have it. It shows all nine children. John died in 1908. He was the only child that was not at the JAMES Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1911.
front center left to right  is Elizabeth (3y) and Richard (6y)

second row left to right Margaretta (18y), John (24y), Margaret James(47y), John G James (47y),     Mary Ann (21y)

back row left to right Martha (11y), Lewis (13y), David (16y) and Samuel (8y) 

I have added the ages of each child because I found that I was second guessing what I put down. Most don't look that age, most look older than the age given. But I didn't think that the two children in the front center were 3 years apart- to me they look closer together in age but they are 3 years apart.

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