Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishful Wednesday - THE Obituary with Little to Tell

I say 'Wishful' because there is not much information about this woman in life and not much was written at the end of her life......  I WANT MORE MORE MORE MORE...... Where is there MORE?

Obituary for my second Great Grandmother 
...from the Alliance Review, Tue. May 18, 1926
[Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio]

OBITUARY: Deaths - The Alliance Review, Tue May 18, 1926 ...............  Douglass Funeral

The funeral services for Mrs Jane Gardner Douglass, who passed away Friday morning at the home of her son Harry B Gardner, in Canton, were held from the Gardner home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The services were in charge of Rev W.G. Forrester of that city. A number of beautiful floral designs surrounded the bier. The bearers were the following grandsons, John Gardner, [my grandfather], Harry Gardner [Jr], F.E. Slhultz [should be Schultz], and Edgar Hartzell. Interment was made at the family lot at the Alliance cemetery. Out of town relatives were present from Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, PA and other places.

COMMENTS: This seems like the second notice that you see that simply tells about the funeral itself NOT her. I did not find another one earlier but did I look? I need to go back and look through the 14th through the 18th in Alliance and in Canton Ohio. Missed that altogether! 

......neither husband were mentioned in Jane's obit.... (except for her last names) 

......and neither husband is buried with her.... she is buried with her first son Harry B and his wife Elizabeth. So where are they buried????????????? NO, I have not found an obituary or death notice for either husband. I have not found anything for either one except for the 1880 US Census and Jane was already married to John DOUGLASS. 

.......relatives from the Elizabeth's side of the family would be coming from Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co]. BUT who lived in Beaver Falls PA? Not all that far away.......  my father lived and went to college in Beaver Falls but he would have only been 9 years old so it would not been him.  My grandfather was a railroad man so he might have been transferred to Beaver Falls for a time period - he was transferred to Canton for a while. Possibility.

..... I do recognize all the grandsons [all are sons or daughters of Harry B & Elizabeth] John GARDNER was my grandfather, Harry was a grand uncle, F. E. SCHULTZ married Margaret Jane GARDNER [my Grand Aunt], and Edgar HARTZELL married Nettie GARDNER [my Grand Aunt] Wonder why grandson George GARDNER was not mentioned? AND I believe Caroline GARDNER [daughter to Harry B & Elizabeth] was still living in Wooster close to her sister or with her sister, why wasn't she mentioned? 

.......  Now I really do think that there must have been another Obituary written before the one above. 

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