Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workday Wednesday - Start of the Korean War 1950

25 June 1950 -North Korea invades South Korea with 135,000 men, initiating the Korean War.
26 June 1950- Destroyers USS Mansfield and USS De Haven help evacuate 700 Americans and friendly foreign nationals from Inchon, South Korea. 
29 June 1950- 33 officers and men of Detachment X of the 507th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion deploy from Japan to protect Suwon Airfield. They are the first U S ground troops in Korea
27 July 1953 - The United States, North Korea and China sign an armistice, which ends the war but fails to bring about a permanent peace. To date The Republic of Korea (South) and Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North) have not signed a peace treaty
5 August -  23 December 1953 - Operation Big Switch (POW Exchange)
           want more details of the Korean War

My dad, Captain John P GARDNER Jr, was stationed in Korea but not during the war years. I am actually thankful for that. He was stationed there in the early 1960's running the Officer's Club..... wonder what strings he had to pull to get that job?........  might as well enjoy yourself while serving. 

Korean War Memorial in Washington DC
If you ever have a chance to visit, DO, it is amazing.
 From one side you can see all the faces of the soldiers and straight on you see the names of the soldiers.

Images are from Google Images.....  History of Korean War from Wikipedia and Timeline of Korean War Events 

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