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Thankful Thursday - Thankful for City Directories

     OK Jamboree is over and back to business on my family tree........ but what a great break!

While visiting Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio in the early 2000's I was able to spend a couple of days at the Rodman Public Library. They have a really great genealogy area/section with mainly local information........  and in this case IT IS GREAT! My home town...............

They have a great collection of Alliance City Directories and I spent a couple of days going through each directory.
I never found my second great Grandparents listed at all - George and Jane (SMITH) GARDNER.
So the first to show up is my Great Grandparents Harry & Elizabeth [DIETZ] GARDNER and most of their children. I wish I had spent more time looking at the different parts of the directories for ads, business section and other information. Just so overwhelmed at this point - so much to look through and very little time. Don't know when I will ever get back again, but I am hoping.

Alliance City Directories   Stark County, OHIO
1876- 77 nothing
1899-1900 nothing
1902 - no book available
1904 - Gardner, Geo, RR firman res: 36 W Ely St ----------- Granduncle NOT 2ndGGfather
                           Harry (Elizabeth) road forman endines PennCo res: 36 W Ely ST
                           Nettie - telephone operator res: 36 W Ely St
                           John - clerks Wm E Davis & Co res: 36 W Ely St
                                William E Davis & Co .. prop (Dry Goods Store & Carpets)
                                  526 E Main St (Grandpa Gardner worked here)
1906 - Gardner, Geo (Stella) brakeman Penna Co res: 125 E Prospect St
                           Harry B (Elizabeth) wks Penna Co, res: 292 W Broadway
                           John, yard clerk, Penna Co res: 292 W Broadway
                            Miss Nettie, tel opr Penna Central, res: 292 W Broadway
1908- Gardner,  Caroline, res: 292 Broadway
                           GB (Stella) condr PFW &CRR res: 125 E Prospect
                            Harry, student, res: 292 W Broadway
                            HB (Elizabeth) road forman PFW &CRR res: 292 W Broadway
                            John, clerk Penna Co res: 292 W Broadway
                            Margaret, stenographer, All Mach Cores res: 292 W Broadway
            Hartzell   Edgar (Nettie) machinist, res: 668 S Liberty Ave
1910- Gardner,  Caroline, clerks, Woolworth Store, res: 291 W Broadway
                           Geo G (Stella) conductor, PFW & CRR res: 125 E Prospect
                           Harry, wks Am Steel Fds, res: 291 W Broadway
                            HB (Elizabeth) road foreman Penna Co resL 291 W Broadway
                            John wks office Penna Co res: 291 W Broadway
             Hartzell   Ed (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 924 S Senica
1911- Gardners page is missing from directory
            Hartzell  Ed (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 924 S Seneca
1913- Gardner, Mr fireman, Penna Co res: 249 S Liberty Ave
                         Harry, apprentice machinist, Reans $ W res: 291 W Broadway
                         HB (Elizabeth) Penna RR supt, res: 291 W Broadway
                         JP (Margaret) wks Penna Co. res: 283 W Broadway
1916-  Gardner HB (Elizabeth) road foreman, PA lines res: 291 W Broadway
                          Harry, die sinker, T-W Co res: 291 W Broadway
                          JP (Margaret) clerk PA yd office res: 293 W Broadway
1918- Gardner  George- US Army res: 291 W Broadway
                          HB (Elizabeth) road foreman, Penna C res: 291 W Broadway
                           HB jr (Clara) die sinder, Transue & W res: 767 S Lincoln
                          JP (Margaret) yardmaster, Penn C res: 283 W Broadway
          Hartzell   Edgar M (Nettie) machinist foreman ME Co res: 1391 S Liberty

Harry B & Elizabeth GARDNER - NOT LISTED AFTER 1918   
The 1920 & 1930 US Census show them living in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio.  I would want to check the Canton, Ohio City Directories after this point- I am hoping that some of these things are online 

OMG, at this moment AT THIS VERY MOMENT it just dawned on me that I did not know about the second marriage of Jane GARDNER to John DOUGLASS while I was at the Rodman Library so I would not have looked into the 'D' section for her. DRAT!!! Now my curiosity is peeked.

I do want to google the addresses they were all living at and see what is still there...... if anything!

After this point all the listings include their children, and grandchildren & great grandchildren. 

continued:  Alliance City Directories   Stark County, OHIO
1920- Gardner  JP (Margaret) gen yd master Penna Co res: 409 E Oxford
                         Geo (Stella) mill wright ME Co res: 641 S McKinley
                          HB (Clara) Painters Conf, res: 170 E Main St
           Hartzell  Edward (Nettie) machine foreman ME Co res 867 Rockhill
1923- Gardner Harry B Jr (Clara) foreman ME Co res: 470 W Columbia
                         John P (Margaret) gen yd master Penna RR res:867 Rockhill
           Hartzell  Ed (Nettie) wks ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1925-26 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yardmaster, Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell, Edgar M (Nettie) forman ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1927-28 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yard master Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell,  Edgar M (Nettie) machine foreman ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1930- Gardner, John (Margaret) yardmaster Penna res: 2214 S Linden
           Hartzell,  Edgar M (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1931-32 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yard master, Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
                              John P Jr, student high school res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell,  EM (Nettie) machinist ME Co, res: 2242 S Linden
1938- Gardner, Mrs Elizabath res: 2242 S Linden
                          John P (Margaret) yardmaster Penna C res: 2214 S Linden
                          John P jr student res: 2214 S Linden
                          Vancil R student high school res 2214 S Linden
            Hartzell, Edgar M (Nettie) die maker res: 2242 S Linden
1939-40-Gardner, John P (Margaret E) (H) yardmstr Penna RR H: 2214 S Linden
                              John P jr res 2214 S Linden #2967
                              Vancil R (Flora E) 1- carp hlpr, Penna RR H: 847 S Freedom
1944- Gardner, John P (Margt) 1- (H) yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden #2967
                          John P Jr (Mary) USA - H: 2214 S Linden #2967
1946- Gardner, John P (Marget E) 1 H yd mstr H; 2214 S Linden T-2967
                          John P Jr (Mary J) H drftsmn Alliance Mfg Co, H: 1411 Parkway Blvd
                          Lois A wtrs Haupts Village Restr H: 2214 S Linden
NOTE: Haupts Village Restaurant (FF Haupt) 1290 W State (Herest) #4177
            Haupts Village market (FF Haupt) 1220 W State (Herest) #6255
1948- Gardner, John P (Margt) H yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden T: 2967
           Seidner, Lois A (Mrs Richd) ofc McCaskey Red Co H: 1335 S Arch
                         Richard (Lois A) (United Rug Clng Sev) H: 1335 S Arch
1950- Gardner, John P (Margt E) (H) yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden #2967
          SEIDNER'S FLOWERS INC - CW Seidners, Pres & Gen'r Mgr/
                     WC Seidner, Sec/Trea Adele Miller, bkpr Morrison Theatre Bldg #7122
1961- Gardner, Larry L help Peroz res: 543 E High #TA-3-3428
                          Vancil R (Flora E) 2 (H) firemn Penn RR H: 543 E High TA-3-3428
          SEIDNER'S FLOWERS INC - WC Seidner, Pres & Gen'l Mgr
                         H: 333 E Marget #TA-3-7122
I know this goes well beyond the second great grandparents and my great grandparents life's but it is very interesting to me to see who pops up, where they are, what they are doing, who they are living with, or next door too. Who still lives in Alliance in the early 1960's knowing that none of them live there now.

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