Thursday, June 19, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Homes from the Past

Great Grandparents on my Fathers Side 

I thought it would be interesting to show off the homes of Harry B and Elizabeth (DIETZ) GARDNER's family. These addresses were taken from the Allegheny/Pittsburgh City Directories (CD)Allegheny, Pennsylvania and the Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio City Directories and the US Census Records (CR)  Allegheny, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania and Alliance & Canton, Stark Co., Ohio

CD-  1885 & 1886  120 Washington Ace and 47 1/2  Washington Ave, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA-  neither homes is there, it is an industrial area now. Street name Washington renamed in the early 1900's to Columbus Ave.

CD- 1892 276 Franklin, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA -  the street has been renumbered and I don't know which home it would be

CD & CR-
1894 till at least 1900
934 Morrison Ave, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA

This house was very interesting and sad too. It is one of only a very few home left on this street. It looks like it would fall down on its own any time. Although it is made from solid bricks.

There is a family living there when we visited  2001.

This home is up on a mountain way way up on the top of a hill. The   picture below is the view that they have from this home...........

CD - 1904 36 W Ely St Alliance, Stark Co.,  Ohio......... AND as you can see it is no longer there, nothing is there but an empty lot.......

CD & CR - 1906-08-10-13-16-18 -  291 W Broadway, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio (street was renumbered at some point because it was listed as 292 W Broadway)  This was a large family home that they lived in for over 12 years raising their family

CR 1920-  2850 Mahoning Rd NE Canton, Stark Co., Ohio...... Harry's mother Jane lived with them at this time. She passes away in 1926. I did not take a picture - the entire block was gone, nothing to see. Too sad.

BELOW: CR 1930- 2615 Harmont Ave NE, Canton, Stark Co., Ohio - difficult to get a clear picture of home because so many shrubs and trees in the front area............ It is a two story home with a large front porch made of brick. Harry passes away in 1936 but Elizabeth lives on with her children in Alliance and Wooster, Ohio till 1951.

I wonder if there is somewhere in Pittsburgh/Allegheny PA and Alliance & Canton Ohio that you can see pictures of the various houses taken at a certain time frame & some history of that particular area.  Only thinking this because in Sacramento we have The Center for Sacramento History - and it has all types of artifacts including the pictures, maps & history's of a lot of the homes in this area.........

Anyone out there know of such a place or places, Please let me know. Thank You  in advance.

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