Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tips - JAMBOREE Days - a Wrap Up

Great classes

...........  I find that I am winding down mid afternoon and need something to pick me up. No!  not alcohol -  I was thinking apple juice and a little chocolate (or a lot), but a glass of champagne and strawberries with chocolate would be even better.

I took a class from Gena Philibert Ortega "10 Tips for Finding Newsletter Content"
 It was excellent- it was so good with such great information. A lot of it was common sense but sometimes you need to be reminded, It will help me writing the short 4-6 page monthly GeneGram newsletter but also the 18 page Knitting Guild Newsletter and for blogging content.........  I am just very excited to try out some of the ideas. I am not a very good writer so I am hoping some of her ideas will really help improve my writings!

I also had a free session with the Research Assistance......  I took my paper work for George GARDNER born in Scotland, married a Jane Smith also from Scotland and the first son Harry B born in Glasgow, Scotland....... I wanted to brainstorm with what I know (which you can see not much - everything I know about George I've already told you- sad isn't it!) Last week I found a listing in the H Rutherfored Hayes Library with a George Gardner died in Wayne County in 1875, wife Jane. But he was born 1802 and she was born in 1838......  big difference in age but everything else fits, It shows he was in the Civil War.......  but if this was him he would have been 61 during the war. There was a second George GARDNER that died in 1875 in Wayne County- no birthdate given. I believe this is an obituary, It is in the Dalton Gazette, Dalton Ohio 14 Dec 1875. I will need to contact the Wayne County Public Library and ask to have a copy sent to me, Then we will see if it is the right man. Time will tell. It was good to be able to talk to someone about the problem and get their view. Two is always better than one.
Also took Manuscript Finding Aids: Locating Migrating Family Records with Paula Stuart Warren........  I don't understand Manuscripts, I never have. A group of documents or any stuff usually not indexed, one of a kind, generally originals, in chronological order, in various formats and could be anywhere. How unsettling is this!  How would you ever find anything, nothing indexed. I don't really understand how you would ever locate anything that would be of value to me. Apparently all the large library's and Universities, city and state agencies all have manuscripts, but why isn't it indexed so they would know what they have? Paula gave a lot of examples of where to look- Newbury Library in Chicago, U. C. Berkley, NUCMUC, WorldCat,org, online catalogue. This will be a hefty learning curve.

Another excellent class was 'Need Direction? Try City Directories' with Jean Wilcox Hibben.......  very good presentation, a lot of great examples and a lot of excitement for the subject too. I was very impressed. I have used City Directories before with my GARDNER and BRANFIELD lines...... the information I found was great but a lot of fun to be able to follow them along year after year, I wish I had taken just a little more time and looked through the entire directory.... a lot of great information.

I did a little shopping in the exhibit hall.......... purchased 3 Family Finder DNA kits from FamilyTreeDNA . There was such a run on the kits that they ran out and have more coming. Don't know whether you heard but the Ancestry.com is discontinuing with several of their businesses. They will no longer be continuing with Ydna or mt dna testing, but they will continue with the Autosomal testing. It's a business and they probably are not profitable. I did purchase an autosomal kit from AncestryDNA. I would also like to test with 23andMe, too bad they were not represented at the conference. I will see if they are represented in San Antonio TX in August at the FGS Conference otherwise I will sign up online. They say it a good thing to test in all databases, since you don't know who tested where that may match me.

It was a very good conference (as usual). I am already looking forward to 2015 Jamboree. At last count there were 1388 onsite attendees and an average of about 450 remote attendees who viewed each streamed video session, which was sponsored by Ancestry.com. 

Were you there? 


Were you one of the remote attendees? 

Do you plan on attending in 2015?
Yes I do! 

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