Monday, June 23, 2014

Matrilineal Monday- Finding those Women through DNA???

I am starting in a new arena with family research.......  using the results and matches from DNA tests to build and expand my family tree. But I am told, and told very loudly & clearly, that you must use the DNA results along with your paper trail of your research too. The two go hand in hand, not used separately. 

 So it begins........  through FamilyTreeDNA I have already had my brother, and my youngest son YDNA tested. Also, I myself had a full mtDNA sequence test. At the Southern California Jamboree this month I opened a test kit for myself for the Family Finder in FamilyTreeDNA (so waiting for those results)

I purchased a FamilyTreeDNA FamilyFinder for my mother and another kit for my second cousin on my mothers side. My moms test has been done and sent back but I am hand carrying my cousin's test to her next month. (so just waiting now)

I also purchased an Autosomal DNA kit from AncestryDNA. (waiting for results). In my mind, the Autosomal test from AncestryDNA is similar to the Family Finder test at FamilyTreeDNA. Unlike FamilyTreeDNA testing which is a check swab, AncestryDNA requires a spit sample. Not as easy as you may think. 

I have also purchased a DNA test kit from 23andMe. They do not attend conferences so I went to their website and ordered the kit directly. It is another spit test. YUK! Give me a check swab anyday......  and it will 2-4 weeks for the kit to be received and confirmed that they have received it and another 2-4 weeks for the results. I appreciate the fine work that they have to do for the results but what takes so long getting it back to the lab when it only took two days to mail the kit to me. Just anxious for results and to compare them to the others from Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA. I know compare is not the right words but to see what matches I will have and see if any are duplicated in the other tests.

Yes this is the year of DNA......  a very big learning curve too. 

I am thinking I am pretty well covered with my maternal side with the tests taken so far. (and my paternal side too)

Now just waiting........ waiting ....... waiting.........

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  1. I took the FamilyFinder test a few years ago and last year took the AncestryDNA test as well. It's been a huge help in my research! I'm hoping to do the MtDNA someday as well.