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Wedding Wednesday - Wales - JAMES & JONES

I examined my BRANFIELD line this past month and found I have several more items on my 'to-do' list for this family. So going back to the basics does help. I really enjoyed putting the timeline together at the end. I might have gone a little overboard on the details but then again it is all there to see.

Now I am going to examine another line- looking at Mary Anne JAMES line - starting with her father,  my second great grandfather: Jonathen G. JAMES son of David JAMES and Margaret Unknown (which would be my 3rd great grandfather but this is all I know bout them at this time)

Jonathen- born: 31 Oct 1839 Caernarvon, Wales

married: Margaret JONES (yes a JAMES and a JONES oh my!) 14 February 1861 Llangynwyd, Glamorgan, Wales
   Margaret was born 19 Aug 1839 Caernarvon, Wales the daughter of Lewis JONES, unknown wife

**I received this transcribed copy of this marriage license from a family member, Jean DAVIES/ Virginia in  2004

Certified copy of an Entry of Marriage. #62 ..

Marriage solemnized at 'the Parish Church' in the 'Parish of Llangynwyd' in the 'County of Glamorgan'  .... application # R62859
WHEN MARRIED: 31 August 1861 
                                        Margaret JONES 
(AGE) of full age 
(CONDITION) Bachelor/Spinster
(RANK or Profession)  Miner/ -----
(RESIDENT at time of Marriage)  Metcalfe Street, Llan Higher (ditto marks for Margaret's information) 
(FATHERS NAME & Surname) Jonathen --- David JAMES 
                                                       Margaret--- Lewis JONES 
(RANK of Profession of Father) David JAMES --- Carpenter
                                                       Lewis JONES --- Shopkeeper
Married in the 'Parish Church' according to the 'rites and ceremonies' of the 'established church after banns by me' "R.P. Llewelyn, MA Vicar" 
This marriage was solemnized between us "Jonathen James" & "Margaret Jones (x by her name)" in the presence of us "William Lewis" & Anne Davies" 
Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Marriages in the Registration District of "Bridgend"# M014360  18th of February 1987

How lucky can I be to actually find the marriage license of Jonathen JAMES and Margaret JONES. I am amazed and very thankful.

To-Do List Started:
more info about Llangynwyd, Glamorgan, Wales
more info about Caernarvon, Caernarfonshire, Wales
detail maps of both areas and one of Wales
could try to find the address of Metcalf Street, Llan Higher - Lyangynwyd, Wales
More info on both parents

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