Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - MORE Digitized Death Certificates OnLine

I have to interrupt my analyzing of my next family "JAMES & JONES" to share something that came in my email box yesterday........

"News from the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania"

New collections added to (copied directly from email.......)

Several new collections have been added to's website that are of interest to Pennsylvania researchers.

First, the initial batch of digitized Pennsylvania death certificates (from 1906-1924) are now accessible. Later years will be uploaded in the upcoming months. (PA death records become open after 50 years.) These records can be accessed through your account, or Pennsylvania residents can create a free account to access them. Click here for more information. 

Second, with the assistance of Pennsylvania Quaker universities Swarthmore and Haverford, Ancestry has added 11.5 million Quaker records to their site. The collection includes a research guide and can be accessed here with Ancestry membership.

And finally, the Philadelphia African American Census, taken in 1847, is now online!


Lots of great information and I included it all for you but the part that got me all excited was the first announcement of the digitized Pennsylvania death certificate (1906-1924)...... I have ancestors that lived and died during that period of time and so I went directly to and started my searches in the Death Records.  

I immediately found the Death Certificates of George DIETZ (my second Great Grandfather), and two of his children Henrietta DIETZ LEVI (Great Grand Aunt) and Andrew John DIETZ.(Great Grand Uncle) George's wife Caroline didn't die till 1928 so that is outside of the dates presented, but it looks like it may be available in the near future. I'm excited.

YAHOO!!! It is a good day for research......... 

This is another great reason to join Genealogical organizations where your ancestors lived, worked & played. I may have come across this information at a later time but as it turns out I didn't have to wait, I have this information now.   

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