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Tuesday's Tip --- TIMELINE of Edward C Branfield

Time to put together all the information I think I have for my Great Grandparents (fathers mothers side) - TIMELINE time................ I wonder what I have missed. Got to study this timeline a little more.

                        Edward C. BRANFIELD

Birth:              6 July 1860 Blaina, Monmouthshire, England - Edward C BRANFIELD
Birth:              1866 sister/ Mary Elizabeth Branfield - Monmouthshire England
Immigration:  November 23 1869 Entered United States/ on Minnesota 
                              from Liverpool & Queenstown England to NY USA

Birth:              1870 sister/ Fannie Branfield/ Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Census:           1870 OH Trumbull Co Hubbard Twp (4 Aug 1870) w/parents &2 sisters/ no address
Birth:               1873  sister/ Jane Branfield, Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Birth:               1876 sister/ Esther Branfield- Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio
Birth:               1878 brother/ Charles Branfield,  Hubbard, Trumbull Co., Ohio

Birth:               1880 sister/ Martha- Coalburg, Trumbull  Co., Ohio
Census:           1880 OH Trumbull Co Hubbard (28 Jun 1880) 20y w/parents6 siblings/636 Chestnut
Married:         1881 December 26  Sharon, Mercer, PA Mary Ann JAMES
Birth:               1882 brother/ Robert Branfield - Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Birth:               1883 son/ John Edward Branfield- Coalburg, Trumbull, Ohio
Birth:               1885 daughter/ Eveline Branfield - Coalburg, Trumbull, Ohio
Death:             1885 10 December daughter Eveline Branfield- Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Born:               1886 son/ Albert Branfield- Coalburg, Trumbull, Ohio
Naturalization:1888 February 17 - Naturalized as an individual separate from father 
Born:               1889 daughter/ Margaret E Branfield - Coalburg, Trumbull, Ohio

Death:             1890 6 March - sister Jane Branfield- Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Census:           1890 death of daughter Jane Branfield- Hubbard Trumbull, Ohio
Born:               1892 daughter/ Esther Branfield- Somerdale, Ohio
Born:               1895 son / Vancil Roy Branfield - Lindentree, Carroll, Ohio
Born:               1897 daughter/ Myrtle Branfield - Lindentree, Carroll, Ohio
Born:               1899 son/ Richard  Branfield- Minerva, Carroll, Ohio

Census:           1900 OH Stark Co Sandy Twp (11 June 1900) w/ 7 children/ no address
Marriage:        1906 OH Philadelphia - son/ John Edward Branfield & Erma Belle KLINE
Birth:                1907 granddaughter/Burdine A Branfield- OH Stark Co., Magnolia (John E)

Census:           1910 OH Stark Co Lexington Twp Alliance (25 Apr 1910) 766 Cambridge
Resident:         1910 Directory_E C Branfield 766 Cambridge/ Stone & Branfield 
                                  (Grandview Coal Mine)
Resident:         1911 Directory-  E C Branfield- 766 E Cambridge/ Grandview Coal Mine)
Birth:                1911 grandson: Paul Herbert Branfield/ OH - (John E) 
Marriage:        1911 OH, Stark, Alliance/ daughter Margaret E & John Patterson GARDNER
Resident:         1913 Directory- E C Branfield- 447 S Liberty Ave - coal 
Marriage:       1916 OH, Coshocton - daughter/ Esther zbranfield & Edward Wells THOMAS
Birth:               1917 OH Stark Co., Alliance grandson/ John Patterson Gardner Jr (my father)
Birth:               1917 Grandson Edmond Wells Thomas / (Esther B Branfield)

Census:            1920 OH Stark Lexington Twp Alliance City(10 Jan 1920) 4 children/ 624 E Oxford
Resident:         1920 Directory E C Branfield - miner, Klinger Mine res: 624 E Oxford
Marriage:        1920 son Albert Branfield & Myrtle Marie LUTZ  OH Stark Co., Alliance
Marriage:        1921 OH Stark, Alliance daughter/Myrtle Branfield & Benjamin Franklin DAVIS
Marriage:        1922 OH ? - son/ Vancil Roy Branfield & Florence H WELF
Birth:                1922 grandson: Richard Branfield Thomas/PA-  (Esther B Branfield) 
Birth:                1922 grandson: Robert Elwyn DAVIS - Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA (MyrtleBranfield)
Resident:         1923 Directory - mine foreman res: 624 E Oxford
Birth:                1924 granddaughter/ Nancy Branfield /Cleveland OH  (Vancil R Branfield)
Birth:                1926 grandson Earl Wayne Branfield (Albert Branfield)  Canton,, OH
Resident:          1928-28 Directory - coal operator res: 624 E Oxford

Census:            1930 OH Stark Lexington Twp Alliance City(11 Apr 1930) /1 son /  624 E Oxford
Resident:         1930 Directory - coal operator res: 624 E Oxford
Marriage:        1930 Granddaughter Burdine A Branfield & J Victor KING
Birth:               1931 G Grandson/ Richard King (BurdineA Branfield)
Marriage:        1932 OH ?  son/ Richard & Katherine Sophia UNTCH
Birth:                1932 grandson Edward Charles Branfield / OH Stark, Alliance (RichardBranfield)
Anniversary:   1932 OH, Stark Co., Alliance - 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration
Birth:               1933 ggranddaughter: Patricia KING (Burdine A Branfield)
Birth:               1934 granddaughter  Mary Ann Branfield / OH Stark, Alliance (RichardBranfield)
Resident:        1935 OH, Stark Co., Alliance - from 1940 Census
Birth:               1936 Granddaughter/Barbara Jane Branfield/ OH Stark Alliance (RichardBranfield
Birth:               1938 granddaughter Katherine Patricia Branfield/ OH Stark Alliance (RBranfield)

Census:            1940 CA, Los Angeles Co., Pasadena (26 April 1940) just the two of them
Birth:                1940 granddaughter Cynthia Branfield/ OH Stark Alliance (Richard Branfield)
*Death:            1941 October 9 - Edward C BRANFIELD -Quemado, NM/Certificate of Death
*Buried:           1941   October - Edward C BRANFIELD - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
Marriage:        1942 Grandson/ Paul H Branfield & Florence RAPP
Marriage:        1942 ggranddaughter/ Nancy Branfield & James P READ
Birth:                1943 ggrandson- Jack KING  (Burdine A Branfield)
Marriage:        1943 grandson: John Patterson GARDNER Jr & Mary Jane LITTLE
                                 Ft Meade Maryland  (Margaret Branfield)
Birth:               1943 gggrandson James P READ Jr / (Nancy Branfield)
Affidavit Birth:1944, April 11 - Mary Ann BRANFIELD- Allegheny, Allegheny Co., PA
Death:             1944 July 3 - son/ John Edward - Pasadena, CA
Birth:               1944 gggranddaughter Judith Ann Read - OH (Nancy Branfield)
*Death:            1945 July 15  Mary Ann JAMES BRANFIELD - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio

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