Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Happy April Fools Day!

My worse (my only)  prank was  April 1, 2001. I am married, two grown children,  both parents living and lots of cousins. In 1999, my husband and I moved from Citrus Heights California to Drums, Pennsylvania after the military bases closed in Sacramento California. My husband was following his workload to Tobyhanna Air Base, Pennsylvania for a 5 year period and then we were going to move back to our home in Citrus Heights. In the meantime, our children were living in the home while we were gone. 

This year for whatever reason I thought I would send out a April Fools Day joke. I had never done this before and not sure why this year. AND I wished I had not done it at all. I apologize to all my family. 

I decided to tell all my relatives in California and New York that I was pregnant. My two boys in California are already in their early twenties and I am almost 54 years old. What a stupid thing to do. Wow, did get some pretty strange mixed message messages and a number of congratulations (probably didn't know what else to say). I don't think I fooled my dad but my mother seemed believe it and was concerned about having another child at my age. Apparently no one remembered (except my dad) that I had had my tubes tied more than twenties before. 

I really started feeling bad instead of laughing about it.Later the same day I sent out the April Fools Day - it is a joke message. I felt a collective a sigh of relief and maybe some shaking their heads in disbelief.

I felt bad about the whole thing and apologized to everyone,  so I have never done that again.

Any other confessions?  

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