Friday, April 25, 2014

Follow Friday - the APP is out

Are you attending the Southern California Jamboree? I am.

Last year I won and my registration is free this year. I would never imagine that I would win something that I would really want to do or go to, but I did. I would be going anyway but I am glad sometimes for a pay back and this is mine. Thank you Paula and Leo and the Jamboree.

I have been registered for a while. I haven't looked over the schedule for a while but starting to get a little anxious. Looking forward to the event after reading all the Jamboree blog posts........

BUT today I found the APP for the Jamboree is out and ready for download

.......and yes I downloaded it right away. I AM THRILLED! Now I am getting anxious to pick classes and other stuff...... fill out the APP with my information so I can begin some social time with the Jamboree peeps and get a little more organized.

You can download it directly from the Jamboree website OR you can go to the APP Store and download it from there. I love the apps for all the conferences, it sure helps me. As usual there is the Exhibitors Information, Speakers Information, Social Media and Sharing (Read Tweets with #scgs2014 hashtag, Tweet from within the app , Blog feeds, Photos,  Friend Links, Facebook), Session Information, & Maps.

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