Saturday, April 5, 2014

Surname Saturday - JAMES, LITTLE, JONES, BROWN oh for a unique surname

JAMES  this is as bad as LITTLE, JONES, and BROWN and I have them all.......  PLEASE give my one good unique name!!  

And so it came true.......  I have not been able to uncover this mystery yet (but I will). The mystery involves my Great Grandaunt Margaretta JAMES.

She is the daughter of Jonathen and Margaret (JONES) JAMES. Born 20 June 1868 in Glamorgan,Wales. Entered the USA in 1870

She married a man named James BARTHOLOMEW(coal miner & then store keeper). Rumors say that they divorced. But whatever happened between them before they divorced must have been really something since she is said to have legally changed her children's and her last name to BOTTOMY to spite him. Did it? 

NO! I don't know the significance but I reeeeeally want to know. 

1880- Margaretta was 12 years old and living with her parents Jonathen and Margaret JAMES in Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio 

By the 1900 (& again in 1910) US Census Margaretta had already changed her name and her two sons last name to BOTTOMY. They lived in Fairfield Twp, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Odd thing is the husbands name is  John not James and he was included in both census with the family and the surname of BOTTOMY.

The 1920 & 1930 US Census shows the first son John Henry BOTTOMY married a Florence MAIER. They married with the BOTTOMY surname. Their children also have the last name of BOTTOMY. They lived in Stark Co., Ohio.

1930 US Census, second son Clarence BOTTOMY also retained the name and married a Chloe [Unknown] with children. They lived in the Cuyahoga, Ohio.

Located Margaretta's tombstone: 

                   1868     -    1953
       Alliance City Cemetery
        Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
She is buried along side her parents
Jonathen (John G.) and Margaret JAMES

Now I wonder when BROWN entered the picture? Is it John? James? 
What does BOTTOMY mean? Significance?
Still need to locate the 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Census for Margaretta.....  no success yet. 
But what about the change of name? Where to look? 

                               A real mystery for sure!  True or Myth?? Who knows yet!

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