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Wedding Wednesday - 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

Found two newspaper articles about the my great grandparents- celebrating their  "50th Golden Wedding Anniversary". Yes I have to say that I am very lucky to have found either write up but especially the second write up with so much information included. I am still picking it a part and researching all the different points, organizations, and family. I need to go line by line, listing out what I need to research.

first write up: 50 Years of Marriage.......  the Golden Anniversary 
The Repository, Canton Ohio Dec 29, 1932 + picture of couple

Alliance Ohio  Dec 29, Mr and Mrs Edward C. Branfield of 624 East Oxford Street, celebrated their golden anniversary Saturday Dec 26.  They were married in 1881 in Sharon PA and are aged 71 and 65 years respectively. A family dinner was held at Alliance Country Club followed by a reception for friends. Gold was the prevailing color at the tables, decorated with candles and  flowers.

The couple have seven children, 10 grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Children present include John E Branfield of Pasadena Cal, Mrs Edmond Wells Thomas of Gettysburg PA; Mrs Benjamin Franklin Davis of Pittsburg PA; Dr Vancil R Branfield of Lakewood ; Mrs John Peterson [Patterson] Gardner; Albert Branfield and Dr Richard Branfield, all of Alliance. Mrs Allen Hindson, a sister of Mrs Branfield, who attended the wedding 50 years ago was also present.

second write up;  Alliance Review, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio

Alliance Couple Celebrate Golden Anniversary - 1932   [w/picture]
under picture... Mr and Mrs E C Branfield are guests at a sumptuous dinner in the spacious dining room of the Alliance Country Club. In addition to the joyous festivities of the Christmas season, a very happy company gathered in the spacious dining room of the Alliance Country Club on Saturday December 26, for the celebration of the Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs E C Branfield, when, with their immediate family, about 60 relatives and friends were seated at the tables, which were beautifully decorated, and upon which an excellent dinner was served.

On account of the widely separated families, which gathered from Pennsylvania, Michigan and California and various cities in Ohio, only as impromptu program could be arranged. but was so well carried out that no improvement could be desired. Mrs Brown of Detroit MI, sister of the bride, acting as toastmistress.
Before being seated the dexology was sung, followed by prayer by the Rec A R Elshoff, DD, Pastor of the Emmanual Reformed Church. During the meal someone put the question, "What's the matter with the Branfields?" which received the voiferous reply: "They're all right." Congratulatory addresses were given by Dr Elshoff, Attorney H S Wykuff (city solicitor), E W Thomas, of Gettysburg, PA a son in law, and others. Mr Thomas recital of his experience in 'asking dad' would arouse the eympathy of those having passed through such an ordeal, but perhaps would discourage some timid soul apt to face it.

During the dinner a very pretty scene was enacted, when two little grandsons of the bride and groom came forward, and in works worthy of much older speech makers, presented two beautiful corsages, on to the bride and the other to Mrs Allen Hydson [HINDSON]  a sister of the groom, who was also present at their wedding fifty years ago in Sharon PA.

Beside the many valuable gifts from the children and other relatives a beautiful bouquet of flowers was presented by Attorney Wykoff on behalf of the Pythcon Sisters and past Chiefs Association, also from the Eastern Stars, of which order Mrs Branfield is an honored member, while another evidence of sincere good wishes in similiar form was presented by T Jarman in behalf of the Alliance Welsh Women's Club, of which Mrs Branfield has been recently re-elected President.

It has sometimes been thought fitting on these occasions to re-enact the wedding ceremony, but to those who have known and enjoyed the friendship of this happy couple for many years such procedure would seem inappropriate, as the vows made fifty years ago have evidently been faithfully performed, and we would venture assertion that the honeymoon has not yet waned.

At the reception which followed, large number of friends gathered to offer their best wishes, during which time several musical selections were  given, among them a duet by Mr Branfield and Mrs Brown, which might well be called  "the belated encore" as it was sung by them at the wedding party fifty years ago.
A male party composed of the sons and sons in law gave several selections, which convinced us that were they more conveniently situated they could form a glee club, of which would need not be ashamed.
When the hour of parting came we could truthfully say, "This, indeed, is the end of a perfect day" while wishing Mr and Mrs Branfield many more years in the enjoyment of the affections of their large family and the loyalty of their host of friends.

Mr Branfield was born in Blaina Monmouthshire, the son of Edward and Esther Branfield. Mrs Branfield was born in Maestage Glamorganshire, the daughter of Mr and Mrs John James, both coming to this country with their parents, who settled in Coalburg O. Their family now consists of four sons and three daughters [one daughter having died in infancy] and are highly respected in the communitys in which they live....... T Jarman

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