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Friday's Faces From the Past - Timeline for Jonathen G. JAMES

TIMELINE for my Second Great Grandfather 

Jonathen G JAMES 

1839 Birth       Jonathen G.  31 Oct  [Llanwinio. Carmarthenshire, Wales from 1851C]
                        Back of Affidavit of Birth - Jonathan born CARNARVAN, Wales Oct 31, 1839

1841-Census   3y Carmarthenshire, Wales (mother+ 2 sisters & 2 brothers)

1851-Census  11y Cardiganshire, Wales (mother +2 brothers & 1 sister)

1861-Census  21y Llangynwyd, Higher Glamorgan (mother +3 brothers)
1861 Marriage 31 August- Parish of Llangynwyd' in the 'County of Glamorgan - miner (Margaret Jones)
1862 Birth      First Son John Lewis - Spelter, Wales
1865 Birth      First Daughter: Mary Ann - Meistig, Gla-Morganshire, Wales
1868 Birth      Second Daughter Margaretta - Glamorgan, Wales

1870 Immigration- in May from Great Britain (Wales) according to Naturalization Papers
1870-Census  [should be in Scranton, PA area with birth of son David C (Dec 25),  probably arrived after 1870 census was taken]
1870 Birth       Second Son/First son in USA: Dec 25, 1870 David Christmas- Providence, Pennsylvania
1873 Resident JAMES, John,  Scranton PA  miner (Scranton 1873 City Directory-suggesting 1872/1871)
1873 Birth       Third Son: Lewis - Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio
1875 Birth       Third Daughter: Martha Jane - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio
1878 Birth       Fourth Son: Samuel - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio

1880-Census  41y Ohio, Trumbull CO, Hubbard coalminer
1880 Birth      Fifth Son: Richard - Coalburg, Trumbull Co., Ohio
1881 Marriage First Daughter: Mary Ann to E C Branfield -Dec 26 in Sharon, Mercer Co. Pennsylvania
1882 Marriage First Son: John Lewis to Ella ? Ohio
1883 Birth      Fourth Daughter - Elizabeth - Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio
1884 Naturalization- 13 Dec OHIO, Trumbull Co. 
1887 Marriage (or before) Second Daughter: Margaretta to John Bartholomew

1892 Marriage (about) Second Son David C to Margaret - Sherrodsville, Ohio
1899 Marriage Third Son Lewis to Annie - Stark Co., Ohio

1900-Census    60y Ohio, Carroll Co, Rose Twp retired
1902 Marriage (about) Fourth Son Samuel to Cora - Stark Co., Ohio
1904 Resident- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1906 Resident -JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired, res: 542 S Liberty Ave- Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1908 Resident -JAMES, John G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co. Ohio
1908 Death      First Son John Lewis - Ohio

1910-Census    70y Ohio, Lexington Twp, Stark Co  retired                
1910 Resident - JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
1911 Resident - JAMES, John G [Margaret] retired  res: 542 S Liberty Ave - Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio       1913 Death   14 Feb- John G JAMES - Allegheny, Allegheny Co., PA

1913 Resident  JAMES, Margret - retired, 542 S Liberty Ave, Alliance, Stark, Ohio [wife- passed in 1914]

============================================ analyze

I really have a real conflict with the place of birth for Jonathen G JAMES. 1851 tells me Llanwinio. Carmarthenshire, Wales AND the affidavit of birth that Mary Ann JAMES BRANFIELD did says he was born  CARNARVAN, Wales - The death date on this second document is the same as the death certificate. I am sure I have that right.  I feel very comfortable with the 1861 England Census but I am going to recheck the 1841 & the 1851 England Census.  Still searching for the 1870 US Census probably in Pennsylvania.

Still trying to find out more about Providence Pennsylvania. I visited the libraries of Scranton PA in person and went through the city directories - I remember I only found a reference in the 1873 directory listed above. I don't remember (and this is where I should written notes of the visit and didn't) if there was not a 1870 & 1871 & 1872 directories or there was nothing in them. (Don't remember) However, city directories are usually done up to a year or more ahead, so this 1873 directory could reflect 1872 or even 1871. Scranton Pennsylvania did not have a lot of records available, most were destroyed by fire or water. But new stuff is always coming out all the time so I will continue to search. Not sure when the family actually arrived in Providence, a suburb of Scranton. But we know they were there 25 Dec with the first USA birth of Son David,  so if they just arrived they would have missed the 1870 in PA but where were they traveling from. Where did the arrive in the USA?

Still have not  found any Immigration Records, just the reference from the Naturalization record. Still looking.

Gosh,  a lot of work still to do on this family..........

Any suggestions would be appreciated.......  thanks in advance. 

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Wordless Wednesday - JAMES & JONES Still Together After 50 Years

Second Great Grandparents  

Jonathen (John) G. and Margaret (JONES) JAMES

1911 August - Golden Wedding Anniversary
542 South Liberty Avenue 
Alliance Stark Co Ohio

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Military Monday - Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a US Federal holdiay where the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.
Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.

                  A Tribute to My Father Who Served for Over 20 Years

                                                       Second Lt John P. GARDNER Jr

Joined the National Guard in Alliance, Stark County, Ohio in 1938. Joined the Regular US Army in 1940 as a Sgt. He finished college and was promoted to a Second Lt.  With orders in hand for the European Arena, he was promoted to First Lt. and off he went to Germany. Luckily he returned home in 1945 safe and sound with an Honorable Discharge. He married and started a family (ME). He then made the decision to re-enlist in 1946 and made it a 20 plus year career. He did serve in the Korean War also.  He retired as a Lt Col in 1961. He lived a long and happy life - passing away in 2006 in Roseville, California.

He loved the US Army - the education and training it gave him. He traveled throughout Europe and some of the United States and Korea. He was a great husband but a wonderful father. He is dearly loved and missed.

Sunday's Obituary - Margaret [JONES] JAMES

   Second Great Grandmother
Margaret [JONES] JAMES

From the June 18, 1914, issue of the Sandy Valley Press: Mrs. Margaret James

The death of Mrs Margaret James, widow, of the late J G James. occurred Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 o'clock at her home at 543 South Liberty Avenue, Alliance. A little more than two years ago, she suffered a stroke of paralysis which resulted in her death. She was nearly 75 years old.

Margaret James was born in Cardiganshire, Wales, on Aug 10, 1839. On Aug 31, 1861, she was united in marriage to John G James, who died about 18 months ago.

In the year 1870, they came to this country, settled in Scranton PA. Two years later, they moved to Youngstown where the greater part of their life was spent. They moved to Alliance about 14 years ago from Rose Township.

At this union were born nine children, eight of who survive. They are Mrs E C Branfield, Mrs Arthur Thomas, Mrs Margaretta Bottomy and Richard James of Alliance, Samuel James and Mrs F P Bowman of Magnolia; David James of Steubenville; and Lewis James of New Philadelphia. She is also survived by 25 grandchildren and three great grandchildren, and three sisters and three brothers, the latter of whom reside in Wales.

Mrs James was one of the best known and most loved citizens  of the Welsh colony in that city. She won many friends with her serene disposition. She was a member of the Congregational Church.

Funeral services were held in the home Thursday afternoon at three o'clock. Rev J A Ulman, pastor of First M E church officiating and interment made in the Alliance cemetery.

1- 1914 lived at 543 South Liberty Avenue, Alliance [Ohio]
2- born in Cardiganshire, Wales Aug 10, 1839
3- married Aug 31, 1861 [Wales- I have marriage certificate]
4- 1870 immigrated to America and settled in Scranton PA for two years; moved to Youngstown (greater part of their lives???)
5. moved to Alliance 14 years ago [1900] from Rose Township [Lindentree, Carroll County, Ohio]
6- nine children- eight survive....... all named & locations given & with married names
7- 3 sisters & 3 brothers in Wales [hope to find them in the Wales Census 1861-1900]
8- need more information on the Welsh colony in Alliance Stark Co Ohio]
9- look for Congregational Church in Alliance, Stark Co Ohio
10- check on First ME (Methodist?] church in Alliance Stark Co Ohio
11- Interned at Alliance City Cemetery

Again it looks like I have more work to do...........  did I miss anything? Let me know ...........

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Wednesday Wedding - Golden Wedding Anniversary - CELEBRATE!

                                            Second Great Grandparents
            Jonathen [John] G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES

                             Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration , Alliance Stark Co Ohio

                                                                         August 1911
I love this house. Wish I knew what it looked like inside. Looks like it could be home to many of their children and grandchildren. I am wondering if Alliance Historical Society or Alliance or OHIO Genealogical Society has pictures of all the old homes........  can't hurt to ask. Add that to my list of TO-DO's.

I know the people are hard to see but here goes.......................
Back Row Left to Right.........Martha James, Elizabeth James, Dick James, Myrtle Kemp, Margaret James, Mrs Trump, Cora, Mrs Erma Branfield, Margaret Gardner, Margaretta, Clarence Bottomy, Esther Branfield, John B Bottomy, John Gardner, ________, Sam James, Vancil Branfield

Middle row left to right......... Lewis, child?, David, John G James, Margaret James, Mary Ann James Branfield, Edward Branfield

Sitting on ground in front..........  all grandchildren and perhaps great grandchildren

Golden Wedding Anniversary August 1911 Alliance, Stark Co Ohio

Sitting in front in the middle are the lucky couple
Jonathen [John] G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES

left to right...... Samuel, Martha, David, Mary Ann, Lewis, Margaretta, Richard & Elizabeth
NOTE: Mary Ann James is my Great Grandmother

I did a google earth search for the home ...  542 South Liberty Ave, Alliance, Ohio
         and sorry to say it does not exist anymore. It is a park now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travel Tuesday - James Line - Wales itself

Did you know?..........  It is fairly well known that there are relatively few Welsh surnames. In fact Professor Hartmann (Americans from Wales, 1967) concludes that "Some thirty-nine surnames include about 95 per cent of the Welsh, wherever they are found" Jones is one of the most common surnames in Wales.
[ "Welsh Surnames" by T.J. Morgan and Prys Morgan. (University of Wales Press, 1985, ISBN 0-7083-0936-4)] 

 continuing with Second Great Grandfather Jonathen G. and Margaret (JONES) JAMES 

This a simple map of Wales without much detail but it gives clear boundaries before 1974. 
I have had to look up each little village and city and place it on the map.

Now Jonathen was born in Carmarthenshire in 1839 according to 1851 Census.   I do not have a village in Wales for Margaret's birth  

1841 Census Carmarthenshire, Wales No father listed (mother Margaret age 30) John 3y

1851 Census Cardiganshire, Wales No father listed but 3 more children added -Mother/head  It showed occupation for all the males in the family as coal miners.

1861 Census Glamorgan, Wales No father, mother/widow 4 grown sons at home

Jonathen JAMES & Margaret JONES were married in Glamorgan in 1861. (per marriage certificate & 1861 Census) 

The family seem to move every 10 years according to the Welsh Census.  First Jonathen's birth in Carmarthenshire.........  moving up to Cardiganshire (back to where his mom was born) and then to Glamorgan where Jonathen and Margaret married, and the whole family is living there too. 
I believe they left Wales before the next census in 1871 and perhaps after the 1870 US Census. I have not found where they entered the USA but by December 1870 a new son was born in Providence (Scranton) Pennsylvania. 

Welsh wills are online…. About 800,000 pages of documents have been placed on the National Library of Wales’ website. The wills date from the 14th century until 1858, when civil probate was introduced, and 1,000 of them  are written in Welsh. NOTE: the website is written in Welsh but there is a button to click to change it to English. I would think that the documents would be written in Welsh but there are always translators. 

========================== General Information 
County of Carmarthenshire (Sir Gaerfyrddin)  is a unitary authority in the south west of Wales and one of the thirteen historic counties. It is the third largest in Wales. The county town and administrative centre of Carmarthenshire is Carmarthen and the most populous settlement is the area in and around the town of Llanelli.  With its fertile land and agricultural produce, Carmarthenshire is known as the "Garden of Wales"
Jonathen's Birthplace: Llanwinio is a community located in Carmarthenshire, Wales.  It is divided into two sections-the Eastern Division and the Western Division. The population is 1035; 422 in the Eastern and 613 in the Western Division. Llanwinio is 2.7 miles (4.3 km) north of the hamlet of Gellywen, home of Ainon Baptist Church  built in 1828 and re-built in 1880.

Ceredigion  is a county in Mid Wales  The county was created as Cardiganshire in 1282 in the area of the former Kingdom of Ceredigion., The historic county was abolished in 1974 and reconstitute in 1996 as Ceredigion.  

Jonathen's mother's birthplace (Margaret):  Pembryn, Cardiganshire, Wales  is a village on the coast of Ceredigion in Wales,some ten miles up the coast from Cardigtan.  It consists mostly of farms and caravan sites. Penbryn Beach is owned by the National Trust and was used for location filming for the James Bond film Die Another Day.
Married: Glamorgan: Llangynwyd is a village 2 miles to the south of Maesteg, in the county borough of Bridgend, Wales. It was part of the medieval commote   The village is the site of Llangynwyd parish church, the ruins of Llangynwyd castle and one of the oldest pubs in Wales (the Old House, dating from 1147.)

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Sunday's Obituary - Jonathen G. JAMES

            2nd Great Grandfather Jonathen [John] G. JAMES 

From the February 20, 1913 issue of the Sandy Valley Press: John G. JAMES

The death of John G James occurred Friday night at 11:40 o'clock at his home at 542 South Liberty Avenue, Alliance. Mr James was born on Oct 31, 1839, he was united in marriage to Margaret Jones. To this union were born nine children; eight of whom, with his widow, survive.

They are Mrs E C Branfield, 447 South Liberty Avenue; Mrs Arthur Thomas, 939 South Liberty Ave; Mrs Margaretta Bottomy and Richard at home, David C James of Akron; Lewis James of New Philadelphia; Mrs F P Bowman and Samuel James of Magnolia. Two sisters are living in Wales. There are also 24 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

He, with his family, moved to this country 42 years ago and settled in Scranton, Pa. He moved to Alliance 12 years ago from Lindentree, where he has since resided. Two years ago, Mr and Mrs James celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

Funeral services were held Monday.

1- still no idea what the 'G' stands for except that it is a 'G' in all other references
2- lived at 542 South Liberty Avenue, Alliance OHIO in 1913
3- died at home in Alliance, Ohio 1913
4- born Oct 31, 1839
5- married Margaret Jones  [1861 in Wales- I have marriage certificate]
6- nine children; 8 living 1913
7-  4 children living on same street as parents or at parents home
8- shows where all 8 children live and their married names
9- two sisters living in Wales [need to check Wales Census 1870-1920 for parents & sisters]
10- immigrated 42 years ago - [about 1870-1871 - son born in Dec 1870 in Providence PA near Scranton]
11- first settling in Scranton PA- [son David born Dec 1870 but next child born 1873 in Trumbull Co OH- I have looked and looked at the 1870 Census and have not found this family- David would have been born after 1870 Census was taken but the rest of the family was in the country - maybe arrived just after census taken]
12- more on Lindentree [Rose Township, Carroll County, Ohio- coal boomtown, railroad- makes sense since these are coal miners]
13- 12 years living in Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
14- 1911 celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary  [need to check newspapers for a write up of celebration in Alliance Ohio]

Looks like I still have a few items to research....... 

                                            Do you see anything I missed? 

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SURNAME SATURDAY - Armed Forces Day May 17, 2014

                                 Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Just a little history: 
President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.

On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days.

The single day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under the Department of Defense. First Observed on 20 May 1950, the day created on 31 August 1949, to honor Americans serving in the five US military branches - US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Coast Guard. - following the consolidation of the military services in the US Department of Defense. 

In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. If falls near the end of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May. 

This is a tribute to one of those soldiers serving in World War II                MY MOTHER - Mary Jane LITTLE
Thank You Mary Jane LITTLE (my mother)
She graduated from Buffalo General Hospital, New York in 1941

                                            was assigned as a 2nd Lt in the Army Nursing Corp
Her first assignment was to Ft George Meade MD, Maryland with temporary duty as Reserve Nurse at the Station Hospital.... 

Promoted to a 1st Lt still in the Army Nurse Corp, 23rd General Hospital, assigned to the European Theater (Africa, France, Italy). She honorably served in active Federal Service in the Army of the United States from 25 September 1942 to 10 December 1945. 

                                                         Thank you for your service 

When the Women's Memorial Opened at Arlington Cemetery, my dad registered my mom. But it looks like it really needs quite a bit of updating.........  it is on my TO-DO LIST

Friday's Faces From the Past - 1886 - They Are All Together Finally!

Second Great Grandparents
Jonathen (John) G and Margaret [JONES] JAMES


Don't know what the occasion is for this picture but I am thrilled I have it. It shows all nine children. John died in 1908. He was the only child that was not at the JAMES Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1911.
front center left to right  is Elizabeth (3y) and Richard (6y)

second row left to right Margaretta (18y), John (24y), Margaret James(47y), John G James (47y),     Mary Ann (21y)

back row left to right Martha (11y), Lewis (13y), David (16y) and Samuel (8y) 

I have added the ages of each child because I found that I was second guessing what I put down. Most don't look that age, most look older than the age given. But I didn't think that the two children in the front center were 3 years apart- to me they look closer together in age but they are 3 years apart.

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Tombstone Tuesday - Fancy Rocks

                 Second Great Grandparents - Jonathen G. & Margaret [JONES] JAMES

Alliance City Cemetery
Stark County 
United States
                                                                          Section E

 Beautiful head stone.............  tall narrow white gray stone very ornate...  with  JAMES...  at the top....  three smaller stones near to the ground in a line parallel to the main stone.... and along the road way in the cemetery.

Find-A-Grave  for John G. JAMES includes Death Certificate

Find-a-Grave for Margaret [JONES] JAMES includes Death Certificate

Also included at this site is the stone of one daughter Margaretta BOTTOMY BROWN

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Mystery Monday - Naturalization

Gosh now that I am getting some of these papers, and documents out again to reexamine them I can see that I did a very poor job of documenting & sourcing what I found, and where I found it. And this is a good example. Where did I acquire this copy? Probably in Alliance or Canton Ohio but not sure. Boy this just makes more work for me and makes me duplicate efforts. OK move forward...........  this is what I have

page 171 unknown source

The State of Ohio, Trumbull County - I, John G James an alien and swear, that I first arrived in the United States in the month of May AD 1870 and now reside in America and that it is my BONA FIDE intention to become A Citizen of the United States, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any Foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty, whatever, and particularly to Victoria Queen of Great Britain.

                                                                                                                                                                     signed John G James

subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me, this 13th day of December AD 1884

                                                                                                                                                    Wilbur A Reeves, Probate Judge

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Sentimental Sunday - Happy Mothers Day Around the World

Today we honor our mothers for all they have done for their families and communities.
They have struggled to make ends meet, raise their children, cook, and clean. Times have changed over the years, and women have lots of choices now - work, marry, stay single, try to balance work with marriage and children. NOW, with the help of others in the family or community and yes husbands help too most have been very successful and happy.

My Mother was a 1st Lt in the US Army Nursing Corp during WWII, came home, got married and started a family (two children, now two grandsons & 3 great grandchildren) and then back to her profession of nursing in the 1960's. Retirement in the 1970's and lots of RV'ing around the country.

I too have been blessed with two wonderful sons, a great husband, and now 3 awesome grandchildren. Life is good and getting better each year.  Retirement is as wonderful as they said it would be.

                     to my MOM, to ME                 
                                    and to ALL MOMs 

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Friday's Faces From the Past - Directories for JAMES

Looking through City Directories can be slow but very interesting. While on a trip to Alliance,
Stark Co., Ohio, many years ago, we visited the Rodman Public Library. Lots of great things to look through including the Alliance City Directories from the late 1800's through pretty current. I was excited and began my work. Unfortunately at that time I was not as aware as I am now about sourcing and keeping all information. I just went through each directory available and look up certain surnames and wrote everything down by hand. I visited the Scranton Library,  Scranton, Pennsylvania and went through their directories for the James family. Now I wish I had pictures of the fronts and inside pages of the directories. I wish I had lookede through them again to check out the advertisements and front pages for the history and information about the area. Maybe someday I will be back. OR maybe someday they will be online.

Anyway, below is the information I found for the John JAMES family through city directories as they came into the United States about May 1870 coming through Scranton/Providence Pennsylvania and into Ohio.........  I believe they lived in Providence area for about two years before moving on to Ohio

1873...  JAMES, John, miner, C mine, h 2d Ward                  [son David born in Providence in 1870]
                          *C mine = Cayuga Mine in Scranton
                          *2nd ward = Providence area of Scranton
       This is the only reference I found to Jonathen/John/Jno/  James in Scranton- checked other directories

Need to look through the Youngstown, Ohio, & the Coalburg Trumbull Co Ohio USA Directory's for 1873- 1904  (first three children born in Wales/England 1862-1868 -- one born in Providence, PA 1870 -- last five children born in Coalburg, Trumbull Co. Ohio 1873-1883

1904- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired 542 S Liberty Ave
1906- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] retired, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                       Richard, draftsman, res: 542 S Liberty Ave                    [Jonathen's son]
1908- JAMES, John G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                        Richard, draftsman, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
1910- JAMES, Jno G [Margaret] res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                         Richard, wks drafting room, ME Co, res: 542 S Liberty
 1911- JAMES, John G [Margaret] retired  res: 542 S Liberty Ave
                         Richard, draftsman MannInd Co, res: 542 S Liberty Ave
1913- JAMES, David, operator Penna Co res: 290 W Market             [Jonathen's son]
                        David [Margarette] street cleaner res: 766 E Grant
                        Earl, tracer, Electric Furnace Co  res: 766 E Grant        [David's son]
                        Margret - retired, 542 S Liberty Ave                            [Jonathen's wife- passed in 1914]

MORE WORK NEEDED.............

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - WORDLE?

Wordle: Gardner Little Family

     word clouds

How fun! go, create and design....... just experiment, create, use as many names as you want, use as many places as you want, use as many words that are meaningful to you. You can add colors, change the direction of the words, change the thickness of the words.....  have fun!! Check out the Gallery to get some ideas. I use this one on the front of my GARDNER family binder.

                                       (it is clearer than it is shows here -only a copy of a picture copied from the original.......)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Census - JAMES & JONES

The Next Step for

Jonathen JAMES and Margaret JONES

                                                              the census from England and the United States

I found one English Census for Jonathen's Mother, Margaret,  in 1861 who seems to be a widow and this is the same year the Jonathen married. Still looking for any English Census for Jonathen's wife Margaret JONES, with her family/ father Lewis JONES. So far only been able to identify the JAMES family but not the JONES side. Obvious more work needed.

1841  nothing yet for JAMES or JONES
1851  nothing yet for JAMES or JONES
1861  nothing yet for JONES

1861 England Census
Llangynwyd, Higher Glamorgan - piece 4082, folio 052, sch: 085
  Metcalfe St 50

1. Margaret JAMES, head, widow, female, 53   [Jonathen's Mother]

2. JOHN JAMES, son, unmarried, male, 21, coalminer (born: Trelach, Cardiganshire, Wales)
3. David JAMES, son, married, male, 28, coal tram hitcher
4. Thomas JAMES, son, unmarried, male, 18, iron miner
5. Samuel JAMES, son, unmarried, male, 16, iron miner

Immigrated around 1870-1871 .........  no 1870C USA or 1871C England


1880C Ohio, Trumbull CO, Hubbard -  Family History Lib film 1255070
         NA film #T9-1070  page#163c
1. John   white, male, 41, head, married, coalminer, Wales3x
2. Margaret - white, female, 41, wife, married, keepshouse, Wales3x
3. John -  white, male, 18, son, single, coal miner, Wales3x
4. Mary A - white, female, 15, dau, single, at home, Wales3x
5. Margarete - white, felmale, 12 dau single, at home, Wales3x 
6. Daniel - 10, white, male, single, Ohio, Wales2x  
7. Lewis - 7, white, male, single, Ohio, Wales2x
8. Martha - 5, white, female, single, Ohio, Walesx
9. Samuel - 2, white, male, single, Ohio, Wales2x

1900C Ohio, Carroll Co, Rose Twp........... 20/34
  SupDist#15... EM Dist#47.... Sheet#10.... 16 Jun1900... line 69-81  (5 + 8 boarders)
1. John G - 60, Oct 1839, Wales3x, 1870 na 
2. Marg - 60, Aug 1839, Wales3x, 1871na 
3. Samuel - 22, Feb 1878, Ohio, Wales2x, Coalminer
4. Richard - 19, Dec 1880, Ohio, Wales2x, school teacher
5. Lizzie -16, aug 1884, Ohio, Wales2x, School

1910C Ohio, Lexington Twp, Stark Co ... ed#202, line 38-41, sheet 11a
     2 family + 2 roomers
1. John G -   70, Wales3x
2. Margret - 70 - Wales3x
two roomers - unable to read
================================================  last census for both