Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wishful Wednesday - Getting Ready for RootsTech 2014

As usual, I am registered and waiting waiting waiting waiting to go to Salt Lake City, Utah for the RootsTech Conference February 6-8, 2014. I am actually going from Sunday to Sunday. Not sure how many times I have gone but I have been to all of them and I love LOVE going. I have always traveled (driven) with my friend Marilyn Ulbricht and her husband Ron. This year Charlene Eberwine will be traveling with us. I hesitate to drive every year because of the mountain roads and the snow but so far we have been very lucky. I do remember the first time we went Denise Richmond another Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society member came with us. We only drove part way, stayed overnight and continued the next day. A very relaxing ride, easier on the backside. But ever since that first trip, it has just been the three of us and we have driven the entire way the same day and sometimes Ron even lets one or both of us help in drive. Not really a bad drive and yes we did stop to eat and other stuff. We travel on both Sundays when the Family History Library is closed, personal research on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and attend the conference Thursday through Saturday.  It sure gives us time to really do personal family research and then attend and enjoy the conference too. It is a full week but a really good one.

RootsTech Conference is a bit different than other Genealogical Conferences because it main purpose is Technology and how it can be used for Genealogical purposes. Yes a whole conference around Technology and Genealogy and it works. There are usually two different tracks to choose from- a general users track (this is one I would pick) and the second is for developers of this technology. In later years there have been other tracks offered such as 'story telling'. This is a mixture of oral and written family stories, publishing, and mixing in technology to write and produce these stories. It is always very worthwhile to attend a couple of sessions.

So now is the time for me to start preparing for this trip.

I just confirmed my reservations at the Salt Plaza Hotel. YIPPPEY!! Haven't stayed here yet, so a new place. It is closer to the library and of course it is still across the street from the Salt Palace. It will be very cold out so need things close by. No free breakfast but free wifi, refri, microwave. So at least I can bring some things that I can keep cold and some things that I can microwave. Plus snacks. So glad I am going by car.

I need to go through the Family History Library Catalog online (probably several times)........ making copies of all books, materials, files and fisch I want to look at. Nothing worse than getting to a destination and then taking the time to check out what they have, when they are open/closed, finding those items are in the vault and need to be ordered. So back to my scouting days of BE PREPARED (as much as possible). I really need to narrow my research down and really concentrate on specific family's.......  just not sure which one (s) yet. That will be a touch decision. I tend to be all over the place instead of concentrating on just a few items. Hard to change but I am going to try it this time.

Get my Legacy Software Program updated and information included in the program. No need to take alot of papers, materials, and binders etc.

Then I need to update my 'Families' APP on my iPhone. Yes if you are not aware there is an app for the Legacy Genealogy Software program called Families. I have it on my iPhone and my iPad.......  very convenient and so helpful to be able to check something out at a glance and not have to get out my computer and fire it up. I am able to make decisions about books on the shelves by checking my information on my Families APP. Priceless!!!

I will need my laptop for general purposes, posting current posts Root Cellar Ramblings Blog (Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society) and for my In Search of...? personal blog. For updating any information I do find and to keep up with the outside world through emails and twitter. I am going to bring my new flip pal scanner. It might come in handy. Also I want to bring a couple of flash drives in case there are books or other documents to download. I do use my iphone for alot of my picture taking now but I will have my ipad which does very good too. What other techie items would be handy to use and not take up too much room or weigh too much?

Of course I need to think about clothing - this time in Salt Lake City will be COLD/Freezing weather and I need to really think about this.......  I am from a warm area and don't have a need for cold weather clothing and shoes. This could be a problem. What did I do last year? It must have been cold.

Another consideration is food and snacks.........  I am registered for 3 lunches so 3 out of 6 lunches are taken care of. Some day soon I will make my list of foods and snacks for my trip to the grocery store. Chocolate is at the top of that list - chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, brownies, Hershey bar or two, chocolate covered raisins, etc.......... peanut butter, crackers, cheeses, cashews hummm!

Looks like a good plan. I've got my work cut out for me.....

What have I forgotten?

Time to start ...........

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