Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Who Do You Think You Are?

Yes, going back to the last season of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and the Cindy Crawford episode

I got so excited when Cindy visited the New England Historic Genealogical Society and she was given a huge chunk of one line.........  going from the CRAWFORD to HEMINGWAY [yes Ernest] to GATES to TROWBRIDGE. [ah! my line] to PROWSE up through Earls, Dukes, Counts, King of Italy and ending with CHARLEMAGNE 748 ad Germany. I burst into flames when I heard TROWBRIDGE and in the same breath with CHARLEMAGNE! Good Grief my heart was racing!! I quickly got to my iphone and opened up my Families APP.......  Yes, Yes, Yes! There were my Trowbridges, and some of my names even matched with hers. EXCITED doesn't begin to say how I felt. [if I ever get to NEHGS I will be talking with Christopher Child about Trowbridge's]

Ok! now that I have climbed down off the ceiling, come back to reality and gone through my files and records more carefully [more, so much more research is needed] Exhausted and disappointed, I can now say that I am not really related to the Hemingway, any of the Earls, Dukes, Counts, the King of Italy or Charlemagne - I am probably 150th cousin 200th removed cousins cousin to Cindy. Oh well!  BUT I did get a little more information and a boost back in time ......... 

Cindy's last Trowbridge shown on her tree is where she and I cross. I remember her saying that was her 10th great grandfather and as it turns out it is my 9th great grandfather. OUTSTANDING! [so what relationship does that make us? just curious!!]

Thomas TROWBRIDGE 1600-1672 Taunton, Somerset, England
 m: 20 Dec 1624
Elizabeth MARSHALL  1602 Exeter, England -? New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

Thomas and Elizabeth had 10 children ........ Cindy's ancestor was their fourth child James and mine was their first child William and so we part company. Bye Cindy, it was nice while it lasted.

I first ran into my TROWBRIDGE line in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut in the early 1700's. This is where my Trowbridge's and Bristol's cross over and connect.

Benjamin BRISTOL married Thankful TROWBRIDGE in 1744 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Both are also born in New Haven, NH, CT.

I have done some work in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut on my BRISTOL line. ........  As you may or may not recall from a previous post my own mother's mother is a BRISTOL in Cortland, Cortland, NY . I have traced the BRISTOL line back to two brothers Daniel and Henry BRISTOL who came over separately from England sometime in the early 1600's. Unknown when or how yet. 

So I may add both these lines to my to-do list for my Salt Lake City trip at the beginning of February.

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