Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Getting Ready for RootsTech Conference

Almost Time for RootsTech 2014 - February 6-8, 2014

Boy I really need to buckle down and get ready for my research time and conference time at Family History Library and RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City. Only 10 days till I leave.   

I need to go through the  Family History Library Catalog and get all the information I need? I don't want to waste my time in the library going through the catalog. So I need to do it now. But what line am I going to do this year? I am thinking I will concentrate on the Bristol and Trowbridge lines.... aiming to go back to England. But there is still a lot to do in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts first. 

 I need to update my Legacy Software as much as possible and then download the latest to my 'Families' app on my iPhone and iPad. Having it on these devices makes it so much easier to look up names, dates, locations etc. Would not be without it now. 

I have been going over the schedule and picked some sessions, and some alternates.  Yes alternates, classes fill up real quick. Unfortunately and fortunately this is a very popular conference and well attended, each year there are hundreds more. So yes, an alternate for each session is a must. When you find a class full, there is no time to go and look through the schedule to find an alternate. By that time, sessions have already started and that alternate may be full too.

Lots of extra events going on. I have signed up for quite a number of extra things and one lab (Evernote). I have signed up for luncheons on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Library is open later on Friday evening and they have served pizza in the past. So that may be dinner on Friday.  

What electronics will I be taking with me to help me in my classes or at the library? After all it is RootsTech...... time to update myself. There is a Mobile APP (rootstech14)

for the conference.  YES! and usually I love to have them and after all it is RootsTech and the APP should have all the bells and whistles. NO it doesn't and it is disappointing. They do not allow you to add any other activities to the calendar- only what is on their schedule which does not include the luncheons, banquets or library time. You can not add two items at the same time frame on the calendar (eliminating having an alternate session listed just in case)  .....  Of course the up side is that you can acess it whenever and wherever you are but without the important information it isn't much good. I am going to take my Flip Pal and I have a magic wand but I think I will try out the Flip Pal this time. I should have a couple of  dedicated thumb drives too. I do have a lock for my computer so I can chain it to the table if needed. I can take notes on my ipad. Need to include my chargers.  

I have been looking through the  vendors at the Expo Hall at the conference.  I am making a list of which ones I want to see first and why. It might help me keep focussed. 

Did you know that there are over 13 free videos still available to watch on your computer from home that are from the 2013 RootsTech Conference. I have listed them in case someone else reads this post - 2013 RootsTech Videos I want to take advantage of every free learning opportunity. It can only help. I have gone through and highlighted the ones I would like to watch before leaving for Salt Lake City.

1. 2013 Opening Thursday Keynote - Dennis Brimhall, Syd Lieberman & Josh Taylor

2. First Steps in Famly History - Jeannette Bennett

3. The Future of Genealogy - a panel discussion with Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dick

Eastman, Alan Philips, Dear MYRTLE, Josh Taylor, Daniel Horowitz

4. Tell It Again- Kim Weitkamp

5. 10 Fun Family History Activities - Benjamin Bennett, Holly Linford

6. The Genealogist’s Gadget Bag: International Panel - Jill Ball, Marie Dougan, A.C. Ivory, Heather Rojo

7. Finding the Obscure and the Ellusive: Geographic Information on the Web - James L. Tanner

8. 2013 Friday Keynote - Jyl Pattee and Tim Sullivan

9. Researching Ancestors Online for Beginners - Laura G. Prescott

10. FamilySearch Family Tree - Ron Tanner

11. Google Search… And Beyond - David Barney

12. From Paper Piles to Digital Files: Technology for the Organized Genealogist - Valerie S. Elkins

13. Using Technology Effectively to Solve Research Problems - Karen Clifford

14. Finding Spanish records from your couch-Encuentra registros Españoles desde tu sofá -Sonia Meza

15. Ditigal Storytelling: More Than Bullet Points Lab - Denise Barrett Olson

In my email I found an announcement from Jim Radar.  He will be doing a livestream video from 2014 RootsTech. It will be on  6 Feb 2014 (Thursday) 2:30 PM (1:30 PT) Introduction to DNA for Genealogists - Mark your calendar. This is the first one I have found so far. I am sure that there will be lots and will be announced probably this coming week.  

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