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Workday Wednesday -- continuing with #9 Mounsey Little - Small Town News

continuing ........ 

             "LITTLE'S" are my Mothers Fathers line
Isaac (1806-1863) & Jane (Mounsey) (1812-1867) LITTLE   [2nd Great Grandparents ]

Siblings of Hudson's.........
doneMary LITTLE (1831- ?) -          [Great Grand Aunt]
doneJohn LITTLE (1832-1861)         [Great Grand Uncle]
doneAnne LITTLE (1835-?)              [Great Grand Aunt]
doneWilliam LITTLE (1837-1843)     [Great Grand Uncle]
doneIsaac LITTLE (1840-?)               [Great Grand Uncle]
doneHUDSON LITTLE 1843-1934) [Great Grand Uncle]
doneJane Eliza LITTLE 1846-1867)   [Great Grand Aunt]
doneJames LITTLE 1849-1855)        [Great Grand Uncle]
Mounsey LITTLE (1851-1940) ...........[My Great Grandfather]
Joseph LITTLE (1852-1932)     [Great Grand Uncle]

Small Town News - a little slice of Americana 

News Article .......  Aug 5, 1934
Mounsey Little spent the week end at Niagara Falls as the guest of Mr and Mrs Jessie Neff.
[Who are the Neff's?]

NOV 15 1934...............  Friday evening after the Senior play 24 young people of the CES met at the Crosby home for a short social hour to say farewell to Paul Little [my mom's first cousin]. Refreshments were served. A surprise party was given Paul Little Wednesday evening at his home. Those present were, Rev&Mrs WH Lindemann, Mr&Mrs J.W. Little, Mounsey Little, Mr& Mrs Nat Grays, Mrs A.K. Fletcher, Mrs H.L. Crosby, and Armina and Mary Jane Little.[my mother] A pleasant evening was spent after which refreshments are served.

News article..........Dec 9 1934.............
Mounsey Little has returned to his home here after spending two weeks with B. H. Little and family of Cuba.

no date....... mid 1930's ............
Mr and Mrs Burton Little and son, Burton Mounsey of Cuba, are passing their vacation with his father Mounsey Little and other relatives

1937 news article- Dryden NY
         "Mounsey Little Celebrates 86th Birthday"
 Dryden-- Mr and Mrs J W Little entertained at dinner Sunday, May 2, in honor of Mrs Little's father, Mounsey Little, who celebrated his 86th birthday on that day. Those who attended the dinner were B H Little and L J Waldock of Cuba, NY; Mr and Mrs Kenneth Little of Homer; Mr and Mrs J W Mounsey and son Robert, of Virgil; Mr and Mrs E CVickery of E Syracuse; Mr and Mrs E M Little; Mrs Minnie OBrien; Mrs Florence Park and children, Jean and Douglass; Herman Park of Cortland; Mrs Cornelius Edsall and Marilyn and Carole; Thelma and Ronald Little of Ithaca; Mr and Mrs Harold Little; Joe H Little and Mary Jane Little.
  Mr Little was born in England. Having relatives in Cortland, he and a brother came to America in 1872. The brother returned to his native land two months later, but Mr Little himself have never been back. Besides this brother in England, Mr Little had at one time another brother in New Zealand and one in Australia.[this was only one brother NOT two- brother HUDSON]. His first job in this country was on a farm in Virgil; later he started the market in Dryden now operated by Joe W Little, and owned a a farm south of the village. Mr Little is still active and in good health, except that his eyesight is not so good as in former years; and he still enjoys being out on the farm; enjoys life and his friends. His happy disposition has not changed with the years, and he still retains the accent that ..........?.........

News Article May 5 1938, Dryden NY ....."Mr Little is 87"
  Dryden May 5......  Mounsey Little, Mr and Mrs J W Little and Mary Jane Little spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Burton Little of Cuba NY. The occasion was the celebration of the 87th birthday of Mounsey Little

News Article ....  no source/ date .........  (d: 12 July 1940) 
Mr and Mrs Burton Little and family of Cuba were called here on Friday because of the death of his father, Mounsey Little.  Miss Mary Jane Little of Buffalo was also here. Mr Little and Mary Jane returned to their homes while Mrs Little is staying for a few days.

NEWS ARTICLE....  ?? no date/source  [1940]
The late Mounsey Little of Dryden who died July12 left an estate of $500 personal and $3000 real property, that papers filed in the Surrogate's office show Jennie E Little of Dryden, a daughter, is executrix.
  Joseph H Little of Dryden and Burton H Little of Cuba NY, sons, and Jennie E Little of Dryden each are to receive one quarter of the estate. Edward and Paul Little of Dryden, nephews, each is bequeathed one-eighth share.

Newspaper in Virgil NY   GOOD OLD DAYS  Jan 9 1943

VIRGIL:  Little's meat truck of Dryden, which has made regular weekly or by weekly trips over the Dryden-Virgil Road for more than 50 years, has been discontinued for the duration. [World War II]
   Three generations of the Little family have peddled meat in the Virgil area, beginning with the late Mounsey Little, who in the 80's and 90's drove a span of spirited dapple greys hitched to his white topped meat cart. he was followed by his son, Joe Little, and last his grandson, Harold Little, who it is reported, has gone to Syracuse to do defense work.

1964 April Dryden NY w/picture......  "Barn Fired"
NOTE: hand written on the article: Great Grandpa Little's old farm, April 1964, now housing development)

  DRYDEN: Saturday, the Tompkins County Clean-up Firemen committee made quick work of the Old Mounsey Little barn on South Street to make room for property improvements, 4 apartments will be designed with the Old Little house.

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