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Travel Tuesday - continuing with #10 Joseph LITTLE

continuing ........ 

             "LITTLE'S" are my Mothers Fathers line
Isaac (1806-1863) & Jane (Mounsey) (1812-1867) LITTLE   [2nd Great Grandparents ]

Siblings of Hudson's.........
doneMary LITTLE (1831- ?) -          [Great Grand Aunt]
doneJohn LITTLE (1832-1861)         [Great Grand Uncle]
doneAnne LITTLE (1835-?)              [Great Grand Aunt]
doneWilliam LITTLE (1837-1843)     [Great Grand Uncle]
doneIsaac LITTLE (1840-?)               [Great Grand Uncle]
doneHUDSON LITTLE 1843-1934) [Great Grand Uncle]
doneJane Eliza LITTLE 1846-1867)   [Great Grand Aunt]
doneJames LITTLE 1848-1855)        [Great Grand Uncle]
doneMounsey LITTLE (1851-1940) ......................................[My Great Grandfather]
Joseph LITTLE (1852-1932)     [Great Grand Uncle]

Joseph Little 1852-1932
   married Margaretta Lowden 1854- 1924
   son: Mounsey Little
      married: Esther Stanley
      children: unknown
   son: Harry Little
      married: Annie Bond
      children: unknown
   son: Joseph William Little
       married: Jane Eliza "Jennie" Little
       children: No children
   daughter: Jane Annie Little
       DIED at age 14 years
   daughter: Mary Lizzie Little
       married: Jack Parker Litt
       daughter: Mary Margaretta Litt (1916-1994)
       son: Robert John Litt (1916-1917)

Joseph Little the 10th child and the 7th son. He and Margaretta had 5 children. I know Joseph William traveled to the US with his cousin Mounsey Little but did not stay.... he returned to England, married and started their family. I have not done a lot of research on this line YET.
 Back/Standing: Mounsey, Joseph William, Mary Lizzie
front l-r: Harry - Joseph & Margaretta Little 

I am sure that you noticed that their third son and child, Joseph William Little, married his first cousin Jane Eliza 'Jennie' Little daughter of Mounsey and Mary Little.  They did not have children but ended up with the care of Paul Albert Little when his father passed away AND of my mother, Mary Jane Little when her parents divorced.

UK CENSUS =======================================
1861 England, Wales, & Scotland Census Transcription
House name: Halls, Street: High Side, Parish & Ecclesiastical district: Bassenthwaite, Registration district: Cockermouth, County: Cumberland, England Enumeration district 13, piece # 3933, folio # 67, page #  9, record set: 1861 England, Wales, & Scotland Census

ISAAC LITTLE - 55, abt 1806, head male;school master; spouse:Jane; where born: Castle Sowerby, Cumberland,England; civil parish: Bassenthwaite; ecclesiastical parish: Bassenthwaite; couny: Cumberland, country: England; registration district: Cockermouth; sub-registration district: Keswick, ED 13; household schedule # 46;
Others in resident:
  Jane  wife 48   school mistress
  Mounsey  son 9  scholar
  Joseph      son 7 scholar

1871 UK Census - Cumberland England
Hale household
Joseph Little servant/ farm labourer - 18yrs old/ unmarried

1881 UK Census..
1. LITTLE, Joseph  head  M/m-27 b: Bassenthwaite, Cumberland England o: Railway labourer & farmer of 3 acres of land
2.             Margaretta wife M/f-27 b: Newlands, Cumberland, England
3.             Mounsey    son       m-5 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England
4.             Harry          son       m-3 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England
5.             Joseph Wm son      m-1 b: Underskiddaw, Cumberland, England

1891 UK Census - did not find YET

1901 UK Census - Bassenthwaite, Cumberland England
Little, Joseph       head  47 plate layer on Railroad
        Margaretta, wife 47
        Mary Lizzie daughter 16

1911 UK Census Bassenthwaite, Cumberland, England
Little, Joseph     head 57 plate layer/ Railroad Company
      Margaretta   wife 57   37 years married  birth to 7 children born live / 4 living / 3 died
      Mary Lizzie  daughter 25 single

So according to the 1911 UK Census, Joseph and Margaretta had 7 children but only 4 are living in 1911. I only know about 5 of the 7 children. I see that Jane Annie was only 14 when she passed away so she would have only been on the 1891, which of course is the only one I can't find YET.

I have had some contact with Joseph and Jennie Little....... it was while I was a teenager and don't really remember much about the visit ......  unfortunately for me.

While a married Air Force wife, living in Germany, we visited Rita (Mary Margaretta Litt) in the Lake County in England. We stayed with her for a couple of weeks. Very nice home. No brewed coffer, but great tea .........  and lots of pubs around with plenty of beer. We drove around each day looking at the Lake Country itself.......  it was a fun visit. At this point in my life I was not thinking genealogy or family research and really missed out on a great opportunity to talk with Rita about her side of the family and the other Littles....... and to look through her family pictures........  what a lost opportunity, so sad!!

Rita visited the America several times during my life time, always staying with my parents in San Carlos California.......... Unfortunately for me I was living on my own, working and not able to make the trip home to visit for any length of time. Again more lost opportunities! And now she has passed so no more opportunities....  not sure where all her family papers and album's went too.

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