Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tips- FGS/ RootsTech Very Strong Together

The LIBRARY is probably the most important reason I am in Salt Lake City. It is the Mecca for Family Researchers...... There is no where else on earth that can rival it........  but there are other great resources all over our country.....  Allen County Genealogical Library for one.

I have done lots of searching through the LIBRARY catalog and have my list ready to go. But you know when you get tho the library it is overwhelming. I went right to the elevator and went down to B2 which is only British Isles, Australia, and New Zealand. I tried to stay on task, keep organized and follow my plan......

The books were the hardiest items in the library to find. With such deep cataloguing and detailed numbering system, it was almost impossible to find some of the books I wanted to look at. I did walk away after a while because I got too frustrated trying to follow the numbers to the books I wanted. Next time maybe. I did look through dozens of microfishe and film ....... I ran out of time and think I will order this one microfilm and view it down at my local Family History Center, Sacramento California..........  I did ask a question about New Zealand resource and I found myself with an expert from down under. It was great......  with a couple of quick clicks of the mouse she showed me several great websites dealing with New Zealand and it's people. Needless to say I was thrilled.

Exhibit Hall - only about a third of the hall is shown here. Insanity with hundreds of thousands of participants

Demo Stage inside the Exhibit Hall........ check out the awesome chairs and couches 

one of dozens of LAB classes given. You are looking over my green screen. I am taking EVERNOTE

FamilyTreeDNA is so busy as is AncestryDNA. I did upgrade my brothers & my youngest sons kits to the Family Finder , so I will hope for more results and better ones too. 

A friend on mine, Paul hawthorne from San Diego,  showing off the many tags he has collected. Who collected the most? 

Video of the bagpipers walking through the Exhibit Hall.... up and down each isle. Pride for my Scottish side

                  Another group showing off -- youngsters with the ole traditional cowboys songs

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