Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Scottish Games in Dixon - Come join us at the CEILIDH!!

The Scottish Games gave me an opportunity to Explore my Scottish side on my dad's side...... all at the Dixon Scottish Games yesterday. I have never attended before although each year I hear about them and for whatever reason could not make it. So this year all the stars were in alignment, a beautiful day and Chuck came with me...........  how much better does it get!! (well, add men in kilts) (Yes there are plenty of women participating too)

The Games feature a slice of Scottish life for guests to learn about, and sample.  Vendors selling Scottish foods, drink, and goods, will be on hand.  Athletes will compete in traditional Scottish sporting events, including Shinty and Rugby.  Dancers, pipers, and pipe bands will play and perform to traditional Scottish tunes.  And the clans will be present to help you find your inner Scot.

For more information about the Games & the Association - Dixon Scottish Cultural Association

I was thrilled because there was an interactive genealogical lecture presented by Lauren Boyd McLachlan.  
Lauren is President of the House of Boyd, President of the Scottish Information Society, Past President of the Marin County Genealogical Society, Co– Administrator of the Scottish DNA Project and Genealogist Emeritus for Clan Stewart Society in America.  
Lauren’s lectures  on Scottish Genealogy have been well received at the Sacramento Valley Caledonian Club’s Scottish Games and Gatherings as well as other venues for several years.  She has had a life long interest in family history and has been doing genealogy since the 1980s. She even gave us the password so that we could download her handout from the lecture. 

So You Think You Are Scottish but you need a SECRET password to download the information.

Scottish Heavy Athletics a little more explanation of each of the games...........

Wow, grown healthy men in kilts, what else could I ask for!! It sure kept my attention.......  and of course the question that is always asked. Anything under those kilts? Don't know but...............

Weight Over the Bar - Hammer Throw- now 16-22 lbs iron balls 

Throwing metal of great weights is not as easy as it looks. They brought the piece over to the sidelines so we could examine it and hold it............ HEAVY!!!! 

Caber Toss - 

Huge logs about 19 feet long and weighing about 120 lbs. must be thrown end to end........ and it is not an easy thing to do either. Very few were able to do it. 

So much harder to do ..........  he missed to put the sack over the top bar.... but listen to the music!!

I don't know what this game is called "SACK SLINGING?" I am sure that he was exhausted since this was the end of the day and each participant had quite a number of tries........ the bar is started above the colored marks and is raised 3 feet after each participants makes it over the bar or exhaust his 3 tries .....  then the remaining continue with 3 feet higher and then another 3 feet  etc. It starts with 23 feet and ends at 32 or maybe it was 35 feet............

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