Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family Friends Friday - Gathering of the Clan

What a great weekend...........  a day at my first Scottish Games and a day with family members I have not seen or talked too in many many years- it's an ABERLE gathering. It was held in a home in West Sacramento- pool, swimming, and BBQ and lot so catching up. What a great day, and I hope the first of many......... Thanks Janice for your hospitality and opening up your home to this bunch. We had a great time. Hopefully the grounds were left as clean as it was when we arrived.

It did rain/sprinkled a little through out the day but it did not stop anything..........  just enough water that we knew it was coming down but no thunder or lightning so the water fun continued along with the BBQ etc etc.

The Cousins- it all about the cousins and their children. Only one cousin missing. Nate lives in Chicago so we really didn't expect to see him but wouldn't it have been great. Hi Nate, maybe next time.

left to right:   Jake (Connie's son); Anabella with DJ and Zaiden; Connie; Jason with Ashlyn (Michael's daughter), Travis with Aden (Michael's son) and Michael.........  what a great looking group.

There are certainly other cousins from other sides of the family but this is the immediate ABERLE cousins.

..........and here is everyone together. 
back left: Ron and Connie; Jason Aberle; Deb Aberle (wife of John Aberle); Leslie and Travis Aberle; Joe (Louella's friend) and Louella Fusaro (Travis's mother); Chuck and Sandi (Gardner-Aberle) Benward
front left: Jake (Ron & Connie's son); Josh (Jason's son); Anabella (daughter) & Zaiden (son) of DJ;   Michael Aberle; John Aberle; Ashlyn and Aden Aberle (Michael's children)
Not pictured Krisi (Jason's wife) & missing is Nate from Chicago & thanks to Janice for taking the pictures from 3 dozen phones. 

Great day with a BBQ machine out of the dark ages (1999), ran out of charcoal and ran out of lighter fluid but we finally got it all together between Janice, Connie, and John........  the charcoal temps finally got up to temps (of course after we cooked most of the meat) that would actually cook food well .............  beef, chicken, vegi, steaks and hot dogs all went on.....  lots of very good side dishes, fruit and sweets and plenty of drinks of all types. My two dozen deviled eggs disappeared quickly.

Several took advantage of the pool..........  love the make up of the pool, with a very shallow end for lounge chairs. How cool is that!! AND AND the pool is filled with salt water YES salt water. 

.........and these wonderful stepping stones around the pool that are sand dollars. Absolutely love them.

Notes to myself to-do:  Need to get with Connie and write down all the basic information about my niece and nephews, their spouses and children. It surprises me how much I don't know. Need to get caught up with the living first and then go back to the Ancestors.......

All these cousins all come from two families.........  Walter Bridge ABERLE and brother John ABERLE. The whole thing is a little complex (volatile & emotional) so I won't go into it here, I just need to know that I know the truth.

Walter ABERLE is the father of Michael, Jason and Travis
John ABERLE is the father of Connie, Douglas John (DJ) and Nate

Walter & John's parents are:

Douglas John and Dorothy Margaret (Bridge) ABERLE both born in 1921 in San Francisco, California both deceased

ABERLE family side is sketchy at best........  this information came from my wedding book, the family tree for groom filled in by MIL Dorothy Aberle...........

Doug's parents are listed as:
Miguel (Central America) and Clara (Klein- San Jose, California) ABERLE

Miguel's parents are: Richard ABERLE (no wife listed) he is from Spain
Clara's parents are: Walter and Clara (BAHN) Klein -both from Germany

Dorothy BRIDGE Aberle is a bit easier to follow back..........
 born in San Francisco, California in  1921 (- 2003)
Her parents: Ernest Herbert Bridge (B: Park City, Utah) and
           Anna Frances Mache (San Francisco, California)

Ernest's parents:
John M and Helen (CATO) BRIDGE both from England
Anna's parents:
Peter (b: Lombardy, Italy) and Meta (Klee  b: New York, New York) Mache

I can see where some of the given names are popping up on the ABERLE side ......
                             Walter, Douglas John, Clara
....and so far I see where there is English, German and Italian backgrounds - Italian research is new for me.

Wondering if any of the family have any family pictures of the grandparents and great grandparents. That would be wonderful........  

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  1. Only one cousin missing. Nate lives in Chicago so we really didn't expect to see him but wouldn't it have been great. pool service nj