Saturday, October 25, 2014

Society Sunday - FGS2015 - Connect - Explore - Refresh

      FGS 2015 Conference                    
Two Conferences - One Location

"Connect.Explore. Refresh    
  + RootsTech Conference       
both 11-14 February 2015    Salt Lake City, Utah 

What does this mean to me? 
.......and I hope it means a great deal to others. 

Connect -I hope that conference goes will connect with other individuals and society leaders. Find out what is working and what is not working? How can we improve, how can we change, how can we continue on as a society?  Share the latest ideas, network, make new friends. Connect with new ways of researching, with new tools, with a new zest to do the job.

ExploreTry to explore as many topics as you can with so many classes being offered at FGS to help in your research and explore the new cool tools with RootsTech with the many many classes they will be offering. This is a big chance to explore the country's (maybe the worlds) largest Genealogy Library right here in Salt Lake City. What an opportunity. Explore your heritage in a new light.

Refresh - Relaxing with other's of a like mind, with similar goals, that speak the same language. AND with people that don't gloss over when you begin to talk about your family & its tree - you know what I am talking about! OK, now that you have taken the classes, some workshops, spent countless hours/days at the Exhibit Hall and the Library- go home with a new frame of mind, new found information and documentation, new avenues for research, new cool tools to help you in your search for your ancestors...... refreshed, renewed and re- energized.

I hope to see you there............... is worth the time and effort. 

 I will be there, will you?

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