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Surname Saturday: TROWBRIDGE and BRISTOL

TROWBRIDGE AND BRISTOLS (on my mother side) 

I got curious and went and found the "TROWBRIDGE" Genealogy Book that I downloaded at the Salt Lake City Library. There sure is a lot of history along with the genealogy aspect too.

5th Great Grandparents:
Benjamin BRISTOL (1720 New Haven , CT-1790 Washington, NY)  married (1744 Waterbury Connecticut) Thankful TROWBRIDGE (1729 New Haven, CT-)

So you can see where the TROWBRIDGE family entered the picture with my BRISTOL family. From all I have read, the Trowbridge family appears to be a very prominent, and wealthy family in England as well as in Massachusetts and into Connecticut.

The Trowbridge Genealogy Book, The History of the Trowbridge Family in America by Francis Bacon Trowbridge.  It is compilation. (1110 pages) The physical book was originally owned by the Seattle Genealogy Society and then they sold or gave it to the Salt Lake City Library who in turn digitized it. YEA!!!

From the Preface of the Book.........  a couple of paragraphs to get things into context........

About the year 1850 the first attempt was made to collect and arrange in genealogical order the descendants of Thomas Trowbridge, the first of his name in this country, who emigrated from Exeter, Devonshire, England, to Dorchester, Mass., as early as 1637, and soon after went with the early settlers to the
colony of New Haven. Those who were most interested in this undertaking were Thomas R. Trowbridge of New Haven, Philo M. Trowbridge of Woodbury, Conn., and Otis Trowbridge of Newton. Mass. As the result of their efforts, most of the descendants in the male line of Thomas, the second son of the settler, were collected by Rev. William S. Porter, who was employed for that purpose by Mr. Thomas R. Trowbridge; many of the descendants of William Trowbridge, the third son, were collected by Deacon Philo M. Trowbridge; and of the descendants of James Trowbridge, the youngest son, the records of several
hundred were collected and printed in a pamphlet in 1854 by Deacon Otis Trowbridge. John, the oldest son of the settler, did not come with his father to this country and died unmarried in early manhood in Taunton, England. The subject then rested until the summer of 1869, when Mr. Thomas E. Trowbridge employed Rev. Frederick W. Chapman to take the materials collected and gather such other records as might be found and prepare a book for publication. As a result of his work the "Trowbridge Family" was published in 1872.

The compilation of the present book was begun early in 1898. The genealogical standard has advanced materially since the "Trowbridge Family" was published, and the compiler of the present book decided that he would obtain the best results if he should disregard all printed records of the Trowbridges and
proceed as if no history of the family had ever been published. He has followed this plan throughout the compilation of this book, and all statements made are based on public records, examined by himself in nearly every case, or on correspondence with members of the family.

Following the Trowbridge family back from Thankful Trowbridge.............

Thankful's Parents:
6th Great Grandparents
William Trowbridge (1700New Haven, CT-1793) and Mehitable Blakslee (1702 New Haven, CT- )

William's Parents:
7th Great Grandparents
Thomas Trowbridge(?) and Abigail Beardsley (1664 Stratford, CT) -1770 (West Haven, CT)

Thomas's Parents:
8th Great Grandparents
William Trowbridge (1633- ) and Elizabeth Lamberton

William's Parents:
9th Great Grandparents
Thomas Trowbridge (1600 Taunton, Somerset, England) -1672 Taunton, Somerset, England) and
        Elizabeth Marshall (1602 Exeter, England - )

       Thomas: b Taunton Somersetshire, Eng 1610, settled Dorchester Mass, 1636, removed New Haven Con 1639, returned to Eng 1641and died in Taunton Somersetshire England in 1672  (BIRTH DATE is off by 10 years........  I am fairly certain that this is the same person but not sure which date is correct.
NOTE: 1610 birth date came from DIRECTORY of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 HOMLES. The 1600 birthdate came from the Trowbridge Genealogy Book

But there is the connection to Massachusetts from England, continuing to Connecticut and back to England.

Wow I can hardly believe I can go back that far but I have!! .......and I can go back a couple more generations to my 10th & 11th Great Grandparents on the Trowbridge family but right now I have my hands completely full and fumbling to keep it together..........

Looking at the dates I think my earliest BRISTOL, Henry (7th Great Grandfather) was born around 1625 in England and he was in CT around the same time as the early Trowbridges. I always wonder if the families knew each other back in early 1600's in England........ (or is that like saying to an Englishman, I have a cousin in the Lake District, do you know her? More than likely NO is the answer. Just like someone saying to me, Oh your from California, do you know Joe Blue in the LA area?

I don't find any indication that one knew the other before American but I always wonder anyway.

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