Friday, September 12, 2014

Those Places Friday ........... Hanging Out in Berkeley, California

So here I am away from home again......... but just overnight,  I am attending a one day event in Berkeley California with the  New England Historical and Genealogical Society (Boston MA) who partnered with the California Genealogical Society (Oakland CA). Two  really good society's to be a part of ,,,,,, to be a member, They are both very active groups that offer their members quality,

I spent several hours getting to Berkeley today. I started in Sacramento with the Amtrak to Richmond, then took the BART to the Downtown Berkeley station. I guess it has been at least a year maybe longer since I have taken the AMTRAK. Seems a simple enough task, Buy ticket, get on train and off you go- not this time, I almost missed the train because I thought it came up right behind the station, so I am sitting waiting and then the announcement about the train being boarded. Oh my goodness, it now dawned on me where the train actually is and where I had to be, The trains themselves are now over closer to the old rail yards a long ways a way, I was and am so thankful that my hubby waited there with me and helped me get over to where I needed to be. Thank You Chuck.

Luckily the station is right across the street from my hotel......  Hotel Shattuck Plaza. It was built right after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and opened in 1910, It changed hands many times over the years and actually had a name change for a short time - Whitecotton Hotel but it was soon renamed Hotel Shattuck. In 2007 it was purchased again, closed for a year and underwent an extensive multimillion dollar renovation. The outside was originally built in the mission style which represents California's Architectural heritage.

I took a walk around the block., getting some fresh air and looking for some POP well I found both sort of. Berkeley has not changed in 50 years. Coming out of this boutique hotel on to the streets of Berkeley is like going from day to night. Outside on the sidewalks are all types of characters- some high, some getting there, some sleeping, some selling whatever, playing and singing and asking for money,  Nothing changes. It takes me back to my high school/college years,

You can see below that the inside does not match the inside of the hotel. The elevator does not move unless you are a guest and insert your room card, (some of the hotels over this summer worked the same) but then as you enter your room, the lights and temperature controls do not work till you put your room card into a card docking system on the wall of the room, Hummm!! Cool!! and different,

Tomorrow will be a busy full day with the conference starting at 9am and ending at 3:30p. But somewhere  during lunch I will check out of my room but continue with the conference, And then at the end, return back to BART & then AMTRAK but this time getting off in Roseville.

This ride home will offer time to reflect and think about the conference. What if anything did I take away from the day, what can I use for my own research, what will help me........... and of course knitting all the way.

Both of these two hallways are on my floor.....  this first hall is at the end of the hallway to the left of my room,,,,,,,  that is a mirror you see at the end, and then you turn to the left,right and the walls change back to the orange brown color again........  the hallway below is my hallway but if you look to the end you will see another mirror where the hallway stops and it turns to the right with the with the white walls........ My door faces the elevator doors and so far so good with extra noise from people and the elevator sounds itself.

Main floor hallway from FIVE restaurant out to the interior outside patio area............

Very colorful and different inside the hotel than the outside of the hotel.

Dinner was a burger from the FIVE and it was excellent. I brought pitcher of ice water back to my room, I like this.

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