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Sympathy Saturday - More About Elizabeth Dietz Gardner

Great Grandmother Elizabeth DIETZ GARDNER
                                                                on my fathers side
                                      Death Certificate from Ohio Department of Health


Death Certificate........   Ohio Dept of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, Certificate of Death 34820
Red Dist No. 1356 Primary Reg Dist #8545 Registras No 102

Place of Death.. Wayne Co                Usual Residence:   Ohio, Wayne Co.
City:  Wooster       Length of Stay: 15 yrs             city: Wooster
Full Name of Hospital/ address if not in hospital: 928 N Grant St.   (same address if rural state location)
Name of Deceased:  Elizabeth Dietz Gardner     Date of Death:  May 2 1951
Sex: Female       Color of Race: White       Status: Widowed    date of birth: July 10 1864
Age at death: 86 y 9 m 22 d             Business/ home          Birthplace: Baltimore, Md USA
Fathers Name:  George Dietz          Mothers Maiden Name: Caroline Noel
Never in US Armed Forces / no SS #   INFORMANTS NAME: Margaret Schultz
Disease or condition: Cerebral hemorrhage 10 days
                  antecedent causes: arteriosolois & hypertension 7  years
No Autopsy
Doctor attended from March 1951 to death and death occurred at 9am on date stated.
Paul K Jentus MD -- Medical Arts Building  date signed 3 May 1951
Burial May 4 1951 Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance Oh
Embalmer: Russell Smith A3665 Lic#
Date Rec by Local Reg: 5-3 51 Betty Jane Keister
Funeral director: Cassaday & Tinkle lic# 2455 Russell Smith

NOTE: this gives me her birth date, place of birth, death date, age at death, widow, cause of death,  fathers name and mothers maiden name - YES her mother's maiden name.
It does not answer the question of what type of treatment she went to Battle Creek Michigan for in 1920! I guess it could have been for High Blood Pressure......  but Alliance OH and Battle Creek Michigan are quite a distance..... why did they travel so far for treatment (?) for Elizabeth?
[Hypertension: High Blood Pressure  --  Arteriosclerosis: Narrowing of the arteries]

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