Friday, July 11, 2014

Fridays Faces from the Past - Where is George GARDNER?


Second Great Grandfather George GARDNER
                                                                   on my father's side

1835 +/-    Birth- George in Scotland
1838          Birth - Jane Smith in Scotland
1856 +/-    Marriage-  Jane Smith in Scotland
1861          UK Census - DID NOT FIND THEM LISTED (but still looking)
1863          Son Harry B born in Glasgow Scotland
1870          DID NOT FIND THEM in US census
                  Immigration to America
1872+/-     Son John born in New Jersey
1874+/-     Daughter Margaret born in Ohio
1876+/-     Dies or leaves the family   
1878+/-     Jane remarried - John Douglass
1878+/-     Daughter Mary born in Ohio to the John & Jane
1880         Census- John, Jane, Harry, John, Margaret, & Mary living in Middletown Twp, Columbiana, OH

As you can see there is not a lot I know about George or Jane in Scotland. And certainly less about George in the United States.
I have not found any death records, certificate or tombstone for George or John Douglass either.
Jane is buried with her son Harry B and wife Elizabeth in Alliance Stark co., Ohio. No mention of either husband in her obituary. (very odd)
I did not find them in the 1861 UK Census. Assuming that they married before Harry was born, they may have only married in 1860-61 and not 1856 (1856 was a guess just putting it at 20 years after his birth - but that is up in the air too)
Jane's second husband John was born in 1825 so George could also be a lot older than I think. I used 1835 so that he was older but closer to Jane's age.........  I know I know assuming!!!
When did they come to America? When? and through what port? I am thinking New York or is there a port in New Jersey? Second child was first child born in America and of all places but New Jersey. So I need to review the ports of entry and see what might work for this family.............

So many questions and no answers yet................

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