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Surname Saturday: Timeline: Harry B and Elizabeth (DIETZ) GARDNER

Timeline:  Harry B GARDNER
Great Grandfather
on my fathers side

11 Nov 1863 Harry B......  Born, Glasglow Scotland
11 Jul 1864    Elizabeth .... Born Baltimore MD
1864+/-         Harry Immigrated with parents George & Jane Gardner
1870C           Census - did not find George, Jane or Harry
1872              Birth: brother John Gardner/ New Jersey
1874              Birth: sister  Margaret Gardner/ Ohio
1874-78        Father George Died or Left Family
1874-78        Mother Jane remarried John Douglass
1878              Birth of step sister: Mary Douglass/ Ohio
1880C           Census -John DOUGLASS & wife Jane + 4 ch OH Columbiana Co Middleton
1881-84         Marriage of Harry & Elizabeth (Dietz) GARDNER
1884              Birth of first son: George A/ Pennsylvania
1886              Birth of first daughter: Nettie K/ Pennsylvania
1888              Birth of son: John P / Ohio [my grandfather]
1890              Birth of daughter: Margaret J/ Ohio
1892              Birth of daughter: Caroline / Pennsylvania
1894              Birth of son Harry B II/ Ohio
1900C           Census- Harry B & Elizabeth Gardner/ + all 6 children Allegheny City, Allegheny PA
1908              Marriage of daughter Nettie to Edgar Hartzell/ Alliance OHIO
1909              Marriage of daughter Margaret J to Frank Schultz/ Alliance OHIO
1910C           Census- Harry & Elizabeth Gardner  + 3ch Lexington Twp, Stark C. OHIO
1911              Marriage of son John P to Margaret Branfield/ Alliance OHIO
1916              Marriage of son Harry B II to Clara George/ OHIO
1920C           Census -Harry & Elizabeth Gardner +mother Jane - Canton City Stark Co OH
1926              Death: Mother Jane passes- Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance,  Stark Co., Ohio
1929             Marriage: son George A & Rebecca/ Illinois
1930C           Census- Harry & Elizabeth Gardner - Plain, Canton City, Stark Co OH
1930C           Census- Retirement - from no occupation on census
1933              Marriage of daughter Caroline to Donald Boyd/ Missouri
1936 -           Death:   Harry died - Alliance City, Lexington Two, Stark Co OH
                           Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance Stark OH

1938            Death of daughter Nettie Hartzell/ OHIO
1951            Death of wife Elizabeth / OHIO - she lived 15 years after her husband passed away.

I did not include Grandchildren, just gets to lengthy and complex.

I thought I was pretty set with this family but I can see once I have everything written out in front of me that there is a whole lot of work to do on this family........  too many holes and too many questions.

Immigration to America. Where did they emmigrate from? Scotland? I have a British Presenter laugh at me when I told him that my GARDNER's are from Scotland. They say that this is not a Scotish name but more a English name. I don't know, I only know what the paper trail is saying...  and it is saying Scotland.

I have not found anyone in the 1870 US Census yet. They should be in America by now and I think it should be in the census.

Need to find marriage of George and Jane and then marriage of John Douglass and Jane.
Have not found out anything about Harry's brother and sisters........
.......and so many more questions to answer

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