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Surname Saturday - Digital Books

"Leading Business Men of New Haven County[Connecticut] and an Historical Review of  the PrincipalCities "
Boston: copyright 1887, by Mercantile Publishing Company,No. 3 Franklin Street, 1887 

This is one of five or six of the digital books that I downloaded from THE LIBRARY in Salt Lake City during RootsTech 2014. Two of my mothers [Mary Jane LITTLE] lines [BRISTOL and TROWBRIDGE] come together with a marriage in New Haven County, Connecticut area in the early 1600's. I believe that one of the lines -TROWBRIDGE came down from Massachusetts and then over from England, but not sure how or where the BRISTOL line landed- but that would be a different story.

Two names popped out..........

INTRODUCTORY PAGE: In the following pages will be found a brief review of the principal Business firms of New Haven. While the majority are old established houses and leaders in every sense of the word, we have mentioned others who though recently established, are, through their enterprise and ability deserving of notice. We commend these firms as a whole, to the favorable attention of all into whose hands this volume may fall, believing that they well represent the Business interests of the leading City in the State.
I don't recognize this Bristol. But this is way up in the 1800's so will need to do some more research to see where William Bristol fits in. My main Bristols are Daniel and Henry -brothers- in the 1600's in New Haven Connecticut ..........
HON. WILLIAM BRISTOL, from June 5, 1827 to 1828 (Mayor of New Haven)

I got really excited about this one till I realized that this too was in the mid 1800's not the 1600's........  so again I will need to do more research in the 1800's to determine which H. Bristol this is and if he is related.

page 202 H Bristol, Dealer in General Merchandise Main Street, Westville.—

This is one of the oldest mercantile concerns of Westville, the house having been founded by Messrs. Cooper & Paine, removing here in 1853. In 1860 this firm was succeeded by Messrs. Bristol AND McClune, and on the retirement of the junior member of this firm in

1888, Mr. Bristol became the sole proprietor.

The premises of this enterprising and reliable merchant comprise two floors of his large building, each 80x40 feet in dimensions, and the  establishment is throughout admirably adapted to the display and selection of merchandise, the convenience of customers and the dispatch of business.

The stock is always extensive, and consists of fine fancy and staple Groceries, Flour and Feed Produce, Provisions, Boots and Shoes, Gents!
wear, etc., and choice Wines and Liquors, foreign and domestic, for medicinal purposes. Everything desirable in this wide range of merchandise is supplied at lowest city prices and goods are warranted satisfactory, and full confidence is universally inspired by the business methods and worth of this representative dealer

The extent of Mr. Bristol's trade necessitates the employment of four competent clerks, and orders are promptly filled and goods dispatched to all parts of the town free of charge.

And to answer that question I hear coming through.........  I am researching from the current back. I have not researched all the siblings of all the families as I have gone back in time. But I will now.

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