Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Obituaries - FINISHED just in time to start AGAIN

OMG! I finished the packet of obituaries from the Ohio Genealogical Society.  I am really stoked!!

I am a long time member of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Mid year 2013 I read in their Publication that they were looking for help in extracting Ohio obituaries. It was being pitched to members that lived a distance away. You know the drill, there is something for everyone to do. Volunteer and help. Well I said that's me!!!  I can do this but will I really be able to do this from my home, since I am in Citrus Heights California and they are in Bellville, Ohio. Well, an email went to them immediately and an email came back saying YES, WELCOME and CHECK your mail in about a week. Boy was I excited. And in about a week I did receive a large manilla envelope stuffed with two file folders of obituaries.  There was a very well written letter of instructions, how to get online and into the Ohio Obituary Index on the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, a step by step process and who to contact for questions, comments, or problems. And yes, I did call for help once. And the good thing was there is no time frame or end date. ahhhh that is me breathing! That was good because I want to help but I am busy with other things too.

It turned out the packet included 80 pages in one file folder (1991) and 66 pages in the second file folder (1992). And you say that is not too bad and it isn't but there is not just one obit per page, there are from two to eight per page. Here is a page...........

I do extractions and transcribing every Friday AM for my own society in Sacramento California but this seems different, this allows me to help my home state. This helps me to feel like a real helpful member.  Yes! I am excited that I can do something like this from my home and hopefully make a difference. AND yes I am helping the state I live in and it makes a difference but being able to do the same thing from a distance is really great.

Every organization should look at their membership and their members that live a distance away and see how they can help, see how they can be included into the group. Give those members an opportunity to contribute. You do want to retain your membership? This is one way to look at.

And like I said, I have finally finished this packet and am mailing back tomorrow. I feel really good about the work I have been able to do. I sure enjoyed this opportunity and I let them know,  so they are sending me another packet. And life goes on. Isn't life wonderful!

Another resource for Ohio obituaries is the Rutherford B Haynes Presidential Center. [Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio 43420-2796- there is a physical building and grounds also] Click the Obituary tab along the top ribbon. Enter the information and see if that obituary you have been looking for is there. I put in my Great Aunt and found her. Unfortunately I already have her obituary but it was a good test. IF you find one you want, you click on it and you can order the copy. No the actual obituaries are not listed just the extracted information. 

This society seems to be one of many entering these documents. People are entering them directly from the town, city and county and area newspapers levels.  So I would say if a person died in Ohio in the past they are going to get picked up and entered into this system. YEAAAAAAAAAA!! 

Now I am waiting for my next packet of obituaries.............

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