Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HOME AGAIN - the Road Home from RootsTech

Finally we have arrived home. Home from RootsTech Conference and THE Library. What a fantastic week. A lot, A LOT of great classes, lots of very interesting information from THE Library. I think that I have grown a generation, maybe two with the TROWBRIDGE family especially. A big help was the basic information that was presented on "Who Do You Think You Are" with Cindy Crawford. I am climbing her tree but fork off before the massive Dukes, Kings etc.

As you know, we drove to Salt Lake City from Citrus Heights California...... with good weather, roads being clear,  with breaks, gas, lunch it took just under 12 hours. Coming home it took about the same and we had awful weather quite a bit of the time......  so who knows why it is the same. Soon after we crossed over into Nevada from Utah........  it started raining, then a little heavier rain, then sleet and then snow......... to almost a white out. We did not see any snow plows on our side of the highway, just a lot of fresh snow...... so we followed way behind a truck. Most of the time all we could see were two faint red tail lights. It was a slow, cautious ride. When the truck exited at a rest stop we were faced with new fresh snow on the road where no one had driven on YET. Pretty scary!

Then it eased up, it started to sleet and then a little rain and then clear sky's through Reno and up towards Donner.....  then again it began to rain, then sleet and then snow........ no chains were required yet AND we were in a four wheel drive with brand new all weather tires. We came out on the other side before the chains required sign came out. So lucky........... Temps in Citrus Heights is in the mid 60's during the day compared to mid 30's in Salt Lake City.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Now I need to get all my papers, material, notes, thumbdrive etc out and get it all organized and entered into my Legacy Family Tree genealogy program. This is going to be a slow process but I do want to get all of it in so I can see what still needs to be done and where to go next. I will be attending Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in San Antonio Texas. I hope that it will be up to date by then so I will be able to continue my research. There is suppose to be the thrid largest library there and looking forward to enjoy and research there. Don't have any ancestors or research in the southern states or the great state of Texas but I am hopeful. Looking forward to taking the river walk.

Anyway need to get started on organizing my new found information. More for another time.

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