Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Madness - On The Road to Salt Lake City

WOW!! Time is short and so much to do yet. Leaving in the early AM for Salt Lake City and several days of personal family research before RootsTech2014 begins.

I seem to be down to the wire again. I am gathering but not really focusing. My suitcase lies open on the bed ready to be filled, my computer bag with laptop and accessories is almost complete. But!! I still need to update my "Families App" on my Iphone and Ipad. Still nee to install a graphics program that I purchased today "Photo Explosion v5" My new laptop doesn't have anything on it to bring photos in and crop or make changes before using them. So I still need to do that. I am taking drinks and some food with me. It will help save a little money and time.  I have been gathering my knitting. Yes, It is a relaxing thing and I will have some time available- in the car as we drive and in the evenings to relax. It is a personal challenge. We knitters/fiberholics have an event (through Ravelry) starting during the Opening Ceremonies and the project needs to be complete the night of the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I have uploaded a couple of books to my iPod, after all it is a long drive to Salt Lake City, Utah from Citrus Heights California. .........  yea!! finally some things checked off my list
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OK, Everything got packed before bedtime. Up at 6am and ready to go by 7am. And off we go, Staying awake, reading, snacking, talking about the library and the conference What a clear, cold crisp day, No snow YET!!

But here is a beautiful site approaching the mountains of Salt Lake City. See the reflection of the mountains in the water. Lots of snow in these mountains. So Beautiful!!
Almost 12 hours later we have arrived in Salt Lake City at the Salt Plaza Hotel. We have shopped at Harmon's Grocery, filled our refrigerator with lots of goodies, watched Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes (weirder than normal),  brewed a hot cup of tea, and now I am getting my paperwork together for some serious family research in the next 3 days.

Bedtime and dreams of breaking down some brickwalls and add more generations to my family tree,

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