Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RootsTech 2014 - Findings at THE Library


It snowed. It actually snowed last night and  there were flurries most of the day. COLD and CRISP thank goodness very little wind but I do mention COLD- 23degrees. So glad we are so close to the library and the conference center. It looks like it will be snowing all week according the weather reports.
Researching at THE Library is a challenge- staying focused. I have my list and I try to stay on task but then I see another familiar name and think I should look into this and off I go on another line, which was not planned. So far I have done a lot better.
It is amazing how much has been and is being digitized. So far I found two digitized books that I have been able to download and put it into my library. So I am looking forward to looking for more. AND the thing is I could have downloaded them from home - so keep checking the catalog - new things are popping up all the time. Spent quite a bit of the day with one book - VITAL RECORDS OF NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT. It is over 500pages , hand written and no index and of course it has not been digitized yet. So I have read through 235 pages so far. I may or maynot have time to finish it this time around. Following the BRISTOL/BRISTOLL/BRISTOW and TROWBRIDGE/ TROBRIDGE/ TROBRIGE families.  Found some great pictures of New Haven Connecticut in the 1700 and 1800's. 
I have to say that I am exhausted and ready for the hotel room and bed. Reviewing the day-  we took our time this morning, had a good breakfast. Got over to the library about 10am, took a couple of short breaks and then left the building for dinner around 5:30pm returning an hour later and leaving when the library closed at 9pm.
Need to get a little more organized .........  I think I will be visiting the basement floors and traveling across the pond.

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