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Sibling Saturday - George Jr, Where Are You?

CONTINUING on my DIETZ/DEITZ family line from research already done............

-my 2nd great grandparents on my fathers fathers line- 
......and GEORGE Jr.

One of my goals for my Salt Lake City visit besides the SLIG conference is to follow several families (DEITZ/DIETZ, RHALL, STEIR/STIER) from whatever records I can find.

So I sat down with 20 plus rolls of  microfilm for the late 1800 & early 1900's  Allegheny City/Cty City Directories.

One reason is to just follow them through the years to see where they lived and when. Just to know they were where other documents said they were. I began with looking at surname DIETZ which I was familiar with, but didn't find George Sr till later in years than I thought he should be showing up. For some reason I went back through the microfilm I had already gone through and found him early on under DEITZ. From that point on I checked both........  I am also tracking RHALL (married daughter Katie)  and STIER/STEIR (married to daughter Maria) (found it was spelled both ways for several years- almost missed it in a couple of years because of the second spelling) Also wanted to follow RAIDER/RAEDER (married daughter Emma) but didn't find the name early on and then ran out of time.........

Another reason is to track a son of my 2nd great grandparents George and Caroline Dietz/ Deitz - George Jr. year by year especially after 1880. I believe Geo Jr died before the 1900 US Census. On the 1900 US Census, his mother Caroline states that she gave birth to 8 children and 7 are still living. I can account for the 7 living children through the 1900 and beyond through the Census and other documentation but not George Jr.

So I began looking.......  I looked through all the microfilm on deaths in Allegheny County Pennsylvania which included 1880 - 1900 without any luck. Other George's were babies, but not my George Jr. So that was disappointing. There are still other microfilm to look through on deaths in the area but did not have time to go through them. I did begin looking through the 1861- 1885 & 1900- 1903 Pittsburgh including Allegheny City Directories on microfilm. I was disappointed that I did not finish with the city directories and still needed to look through the 1886-1900. Next visit.

The last census I found George Jr on was the 1880 US Census and of course there isn't a 1890 US Census surviving- so that is one major reason to look through those great City Directories. On the 1880 US Census George Jr was living at home (Allegheny City/Cty Pennsylvania) with his parents and other siblings. He was a 14 year old single man that was an apprentice chairmaker. Since that was his fathers occupation, I am thinking he may have been studying under his father. Another topic to research.

I have not transcribed my notes from the City Directories yet, so I need to do that first. BUT I did find both George's in the Directories over the years but don't have all of them to make any definite decisions about the death or absence for George Jr.  I would like to set up a spreadsheet for this project so I can sort on any of the points of information. So I guess this will be my next project.

1870 US Census: George and Caroline Dietz in Allegheny City, Allegheny Cty, Pennsylvania..... no street address or street given.
*George, head is 32 and a chairmaker from Bavaria & both parents are both foreign born, shows he is a male citizen of US of 21 years of age .
*Caroline his wife is 27, keeping house,  from Hesse-Darmstadt, parent are both foreign born
*Lizzie 5 years old, from Pennsylvania parents both foreign born, she attends school
*George 4 years old from Pennsylvania, parents both foreign born
*Henrietta 1year old from Pennsylvania

1880 US Census George and Caroline Dietz, Allegheny City, Allegheny Cty, Pennsylvania living at 65 Second St
*George, head, 42, chairmaker from Bavaria including parents
*Caroline, 38 wife keeping house, Hessie-Darmstadt  including parents
*Elizabeth, 15, daughter,  single domestic servant from Maryland
*George, 14, son, apprec chairmkr from Pennsylvania
*Henrietta, 11, daughter, singles at home, attending school from Pennsylvania
*Christian, 9 son, single attending school from Pennsylvania
*Maria, 6 daughter single attending school from Pennsylvania
*Emma, 4 daughter, from Pennsylvania
*Andrew, 7 months (Oct) son from Pennsylvania

1900 US Census, George and Carrie Deitz (surname spelling change) Allegheny City, Allegheny Cty, Pennsylvania  604 Second St (same home street number change)
*George, head b: June1832, 62 years old, Married 34 years B: Germany Immigration: 1865 35 Years in the USA Chair manufacturer  own/mtg home
*Carrie, wife b: Aug /1844 Germany, 56 years old,  married 34 years 8children/ 7 living, Immigration: 1865 35 years in USA
* Christian, son b:May 1871 29 years old single, born Pennsylvania Preserver/ Pickle Factory
*Andrew, son Oct 1880 19 years old,  from Pennsylvania laborer
*Katie, daughter Feb 1882 18 years old from Pennsylvania

1910 & 1920 US Census - Allegheny Co Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Caroline widow (48 & 58) lives with her daughter Katie and husband John Rhall - see dies in 1928
   1910 US Census shows Immigration for Caroline to USA in 1861 (big difference from 1900 US Census)

TO-DO LIST.............
.....enter City Directory info in to a spreadsheet

.....what other documentation could be used for substitution of 1890 US Census ????
.....SLC library for searching remaining City Directories
.....SLC library for searching remaining deaths in Allegheny County on microfilm
.....SLC library- look through church records for George Jr's birth - wonder what church?

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